Top 3 questions I get asked by Heather Freed CFP, CLU, CHS

Top 3 questions I get asked

Heather Freed. CFP, CLU, CHS

We all have questions that clients and potential clients ask us.  Here are the top 3 I’ve recently been receiving.

  1. Will the Canada Dental Benefit pay for all my dental needs?  The short answer is that currently, it is only for children under 12-years-old. The families cannot have any private dental coverage and have an adjusted annual net household income of less than $90,000. For each eligible child, the benefit provides a maximum of $650 in tax-free payments for dental expenses.  More information can be found here –
  • 2. Is there some suggestion on how much money I budget for different items?  There are many ways to determine this.  The best way is to actually track all your expenses and categorize them and then have a discussion with your financial advisor.  However, Do you know the 50/20/30 Budget Rule? – This 50/20/30 rule suggests spending 50% of your paycheck on needs (like rent or a mortgage), 30% on things you want, like a vacation or dining out, and 20% on savings like an emergency fund or retirement account and paying down credit cards or other personal loans works.
  • 3. I have employees and I want to offer them some perks.  Which ones are most asked for? Besides Health and Dental benefits and Retirement Savings Plan contributions, an article in HDR (Human Resources Directory) says these are the perks and % increase over the past 5 years for each of them:
  • Menopause leave (1300%)
  • Hybrid working (820%)
  • Four-day work week (809%)
  • Signing-on bonus (124%)
  • Pet-friendly office (86%)
  • Hybrid role (83%)
  • Subsidised gym membership (53%)
  • Dog-friendly office (51%)
  • Paid sick leave (50%)

For more information on employee perks –

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