Why join CAWEE?

Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs is to provide opportunities for women to empower other women in the development and advancement of their business and professional lives; fostering financial independence, professional development, and personal satisfaction.

Member value proposition

To create lasting relationships to help you build your business.

Who are our members?

CAWEE women are leaders in their fields with strong professional networks. Our executives are middle management or of greater seniority within their business, and our entrepreneurs are typically established business owners, with or without employees.

CAWEE members and affiliates include:

  • lawyers
  • accountants
  • IT professionals
  • HR consultants
  • marketing and communications professionals
  • government and not-for-profit executives
  • designers
  • coaches
  • and many more.

We welcome diversity and encourage you to explore the opportunities CAWEE membership brings.

If you have questions about becoming a CAWEE member, don’t hesitate to call us at: 416-756-0000 or email

Membership Benefits

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Download a copy of the full benefits of being a CAWEE member here.

Grow Your Network

As a CAWEE member, you get regular opportunities to:

  • Connect with a bright, dynamic group of business women
  • Build your network
  • Develop valuable, long-term relationships
  • Give and get qualified referrals you can trust
  • Exchange ideas, advice and support from highly experienced executives and entrepreneurs
  • Enjoy networking in a safe and stress-free environment


CAWEE members receive:

  • Registration lists for each CAWEE event attended with contact information of members and guests
  • Invitation to join our private Facebook Members Group and public Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter groups.

Exclusive Pricing

CAWEE members also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Special member pricing for all events
  • Take advantage of exclusive members-only events.
  • A FREE CAWEE Marketplace Ad – seen by thousands each month.
  • Members receive special price discounts at affiliate programs and events.
  • Access to association medical health insurance and dental plan.
  • Receive discounts through Constant Contact and Square.

Other Benefits

CAWEE members can further expand their involvement and connections by:

  • Lead and attend Mix and Learn discussions about relevant Business, Health and Wellness topics.
  • Write articles for Connected, our monthly e-newsletter distributed to over 1800 women.
  • Demonstrate your skills by joining a committee or our board of directors.

Types of Membership

CAWEE offers Individual and Corporate Membership.

Individual Member

Individual – Full Membership in CAWEE.

Eligibility: A woman who has functioned as a senior manager, executive or professional or at a comparable level, in her own business, in an organization, or in a not-for-profit organization, for two years or more and at this level should fulfill a minimum of two of the following:

  • Decision making or influence on policies, goals and strategies for the organization, business, or a major area in the same.
  • Accountability for achievement of part or all of the organization/business goals.
  • Responsibility for managing a budget.

Pricing: $295 plus HST per year

Corporate Member

Corporate Membership is for a group of women at a company, firm or an organization.

Company Benefits:

  • Benefits of Individual Membership
  • Up to 5 employees may attend any event at the Members price
  • Additional employees may attend at the Guest price
  • Company profile on our website through the Marketplace

Pricing: $1,000 plus HST per year. Company Members MUST sponsor at least one event or program on an annual basis.

To apply, please contact us directly!

Member Events

CAWEE inspires people to come together!

Monthly Morning Meetings

Morning meetings, held online the second Thursday morning of each month, are a key benefit of CAWEE membership. Start your day with an informative, timely and fun meeting from 7:30 to 9:00! You will find 40-50 members and guests in attendance ready to build on their relationships with you.

Along with an opportunity for each attendee to present a 20-second infomercial, you will participate in smaller breakout sessions which members rave about - their favourite parts of the meetings.

A variety of CAWEE members take turns hosting these morning sessions so expect to see a variety of faces in in this role.

Several tables of women attending a member breakfast inside a restaurant
CAWEE Breakfast Meeting, in person
Photo of five CAWEE members standing on green grass at a golf event
CAWEE Annual Golf Day 2022

Special Events

At CAWEE we bring together our members to commemorate special events during the year. We encourage networking in a more informal setting so that members and guests can create and develop rich bonds with each other.

  • International Women’s Day – a Universal Day of celebration for women all over the world. Special speakers are invited to share their individual experiences with our members and guests on their various journeys in gaining recognition in their field of expertise.
  • Golf Day, in partnership with the Women Law Association of Ontario.
  • Holiday Event: we celebrate all the holidays and festivals for our diverse membership and their guests. The event may be held any time between late November and early to mid January.

After Work Events

After Work Events are an integral part of the CAWEE experience. We hold two or three informal get-togethers each year in addition to our annual Open House. These evening events also serve as fundraisers for our charity of choice.

After Work Events provide a chance to network with like minded women in a casual environment and enjoy some refreshments in a central Toronto location. Events normally run for one and a half to two hours starting at 5:30.

Our annual Open House offers an opportunity to welcome guests and highlight the benefits of CAWEE for those new to the association and possibly considering membership.

Closeup of three CAWEE members standing shoulder to shoulder at a member event
CAWEE Members

Become a Member

Forget Networking. Try Relationship Building.


Common questions for new or inquiring members.

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