Are You Getting The Leads You Deserve? By Amy Appleton, RankWorks

Each and every one of us deserves good things to come our way. Part of the trick here – as most business coaches will tell you – is that you have to believe this too. Do you?

In your industry, there is probably a fair amount of competition. We all need to stand out and attract leads who become clients. And better yet if they are the types of clients that we WANT. For this we need to be seen, be found, stand out.

How do you do this in your industry, in today’s digital landscape? How do you stand out and get the leads you deserve?

Ideally, one of the answers to the above questions is through your website.

  • Is your website up to date (really current, not 1 or 2 or 5 years old)?
  • Is your website being found?
  • Is your website bringing you leads?
  • Are these the leads you want and deserve?

Many websites look pretty on the front end but if they aren’t meeting this basic criteria, they aren’t doing their job; they are broken.

Let’s look at one of these criterion more closely: Is your website being found? Some tips that will help you be found are:

  • Make sure your Google My Business page is up to date.
  • Keep your website up to date; this may require partnering with a digital marketing agency in an ongoing way. Some agencies offer this service at very affordable prices.
  • Unique content and no templates.
  • Social posts and other content that you can make into blog posts that you add to your site regularly. Adding new, relevant content is very effective.
  • Make sure any digital marketing agency you partner with uses best practices, doesn’t outsource and brings you return on investment. Every marketing dollar spent should bring back to you more revenue; you should see positive ROI over time.

It can be extremely beneficial to pursue SEO done by a reputable digital marketing agency. Good SEO gets you the leads you deserve.

Ask yourself, would it be worth it to you for your website to bring you 2-3 more leads per month that convert? If so, this will help you understand if it would be worth it to invest in good SEO.

Be brighter and stand out from the competition and attract the clients you deserve.

Amy Appleton

Websites, SEO, Social and other online tools for your business.

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