Courage in Action is proud to announce their 2023 Bursary Winner – Anne Jarbouh

CAWEE Charity – Courage in Action

The Board of Directors for Courage in Action is proud to announce their 2023 Bursary Winner – Anne Jarbouh. This bursary is made possible by Courage in Action sponsor Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs (CAWEE)

We wish much success to Anne and look forward to hearing about her exciting journey.

In Anne’s own words…

“A mama of 2 and a public servant with dreams of living a more fulfilling life, Anne Jarbouh aims to launch her holistic health coaching and healing arts business upon graduation from the 9 week Confident Leadership Program offered by Conscious Lead Life. She felt drawn to this program because it’s a personal development opportunity with a beautiful coaching duo whose lived experience and authenticity inspire positive and conscious leadership, in an interactive way.

I aim to spring forward and live my dreams by enrolling in a course that would help me gain clarity and learn to better communicate as a leader. I plan to serve others consciously and confidently, so choosing this program was easy as it is meant for JUST THAT. I really need the coaching and support to get to the next level in my life.

As a first-generation Lebanese Canadian woman, confidence has been a huge challenge for me. Growing up as the youngest of 5 children to immigrant parents in a patriarchal household, I didn’t really ever “get a word in”. If anything, I was told to “shush” more often than asked a stimulating question or my opinion. Into my adulthood, this translated into a fear of expressing my opinion; instead becoming a people pleaser with no real voice, just a compliant nod, in more instances than I’d like to recollect. Many times, I found myself in situations where I would question my gut and feel like an imposter, even when my intention was to be present and hold space for others. 

Trained as a yoga teacher with trauma-sensitive training and a holistic health coach, I feel I have a lot to offer the world but my personal relationship with myself needs some polishing. As I begin to gain the confidence to ask for help (by applying for this bursary!) and communicate how overcoming my own adversity makes me better and more resilient, every day in every way, I feel the curtains being lifted and the light of others shining in. This is what Courage in action feels like! It’s contagious.

I’m one of you: a woman who has lived adverse experiences and trauma yet heals daily and wants to give back. Thank you for this bursary. I’m grateful and honoured to be part of this amazing sisterhood. I’m here for each of you. I see your light!”

For more information, please contact Anne Falomo, Director of Community Outreach

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