11 Tips for Thriving Through Life

Susan Patterson, Reginiting Joy

At the CAWEE book club last November 7, we discussed Peter Attia’s book Outlive. Right up my alley! Reading and listening every day to the latest information on healthy living, I’ve absorbed many valuable lessons that contribute to a fulfilling life. Some of the old stories we learned years ago have been displaced. In case you don’t want to read and listen as much as I do, here are 11 tips to living well:

  1. Keep Breathing  A reminder that awareness begins with the breath. Inhale life, exhale fear. Proper breathing brings many health benefits.
  2. Give  Discover joy through giving. Share your unique gifts with the world; it’s the key to a purposeful life.
  3. Move  Motion is lotion! Explore various ways to keep your body active and your mood vibrant.
  4. Nourish  Rethink nutrition. Food is not what it used to be. Fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods, and consider the quality of what you consume. Empasize high-quality protein for maintaining muscle and a WIDE variety of plant-based foods.
  5. Sleep  Quality sleep fuels your days. Experiment with different strategies until you find what works for your restful nights. And relax if you have trouble sleeping! Know that lying still will rest your body.
  6. Weight-train  Strength isn’t just about looks; it’s about resilience. Lift weights for a stronger you – and remember to stretch!
  7. Restore Hormones  Hormonal balance matters. Explore bio-identical hormones for a more vibrant and energetic life.
  8. Community  Find purpose and support in community. Whether it’s professional networks or close-knit friend and family circles, connection is life-giving.
  9. Nutraceuticals  Embrace the wisdom of Ayurveda and supplements from around the world for holistic well-being. Remember adaptogens can help with all sorts of stresses.
  10. Cleanse  Allow your body breaks. Explore fasting longer than 20 hours to detox and rejuvenate from within. (There are gentle ways to do this that make it easier than it sounds!)
  11. Look after the Environment  A healthy planet matters to our individual health and is a personal responsibility. Reduce waste, consume consciously, and promote a healthier Earth.

Join me in the pursuit of a vibrant and fulfilling life! What wellness practices resonate with you?

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