For over a year I was looking for a networking group that focused on building relationships first. A colleague of mine told me about CAWEE and from my first visit I felt welcome and could see the focus of these women is all about relationships. Of course we are all interested in building our businesses and we all understand and support the importance of know people we refer. If you are looking for a networking event where you have the opportunity to network with professional women that are interested in getting to know you first then CAWEE is for you!



CAWEE is a goldmine of fabulous women who help me in all aspects of my business (and life). At the breakfasts, the people are friendly and energetic and that atmosphere is intimate.



When I first came to CAWEE I knew I’d found my networking ‘home’. Unlike other networking events, the people I spoke to were genuinely interested in my business and how they could help. I have found new clients directly through CAWEE members and through referrals. I’ve also found a remarkable resource to gain knowledge and ideas beyond my area of expertise.



CAWEE was the place where I first “practiced” networking. Now it is so much more to me than just networking – a pool of resources, a group of advisers, a business support group, and a place where I can get business, connect business, refer business, learn business, or just kick back and take some time to talk with other women like me.



I meet many wonderful women at the breakfasts. CAWEE is so much more relaxed than other networking events. There’s no pressure. I love it!



I expected to find CAWEE intimidating and overwhelming, but was so pleasantly surprised to find the exact opposite – welcoming, easy-going and fun.