Past President’s Message

Many people ask me why I come to CAWEE; the nature of my business makes it very difficult to get any "direct clients" from among CAWEE members.  I'm often asked, "What do you get out of it?" or "Have you ever gotten any business from it?" For me, this has never been the purpose of CAWEE.  The reason that CAWEE is such a phenomenal organization is because it is so very different from any organization you will find anywhere else.  Any member of CAWEE will tell you that we are not only about networking, our goal is relationship-building.  But, what exactly does that mean?

At CAWEE, you will find an amazing group of women who support and encourage each other in an endeavour to create an environment that nurtures our talent in business. Whether through advice, connections, or personal anecdotes, we want nothing more than to help each other become successful in anything we wish to achieve. Rarely would you find such a cohesive gathering of women so ready to be there for one another in any capacity that they can.

In the years since I became a CAWEE member, I have made some of the truest friends I ever have in my life. They have stood by me through both professional obstacles and personal woes, always willing and eager to lend a hand and help me in any way they can. So many people I have met have approached me to ask specifically what they can do to assist me or to let me know if they had heard of any news or made any connections that may benefit me in some way. These thoughtful and generous women never fail to find ingenious ways to help me in achieving my goals.

As CAWEE's President, it is my intention to foster and nurture this safe environment that promotes the success of women executives and entrepreneurs.  Through our numerous networking events, from monthly breakfasts to evening Ignite Talks, from International Women's Day to our Annual Golf Classic, we will continue to develop this haven for women to expand and promote their skills so that their businesses may continue to thrive and flourish. We will persist in upholding the mission and vision of our incredible organization in order to offer Canadian businesswomen the opportunity to succeed in everything they have the potential to accomplish.”

Warm regards,

Alison Lam