The core of relationship building at CAWEE comes from regular participation in our morning "breakfast" events, held at 7:30 AM on the second Thursday of every month, and our quarterly evening events. Guests are welcome to attend up to two of these events per calendar year at the indicated guest fee. 

Additionally, guests are welcome to attend CAWEE Special Events at the indicated guest fee. 

Special events include - International Women's Day (March), Holiday Event (Winter), Open House, Golf (Summer)


Our Mission Statement is
The mission of the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs is to provide opportunities for women to empower other women in the development and advancement of their business and professional lives; fostering financial independence, professional development, and personal satisfaction.

Our member value proposition is to create Lasting relationships to help you build your business:

As a CAWEE member, you get regular opportunities to:

As a member of CAWEE you enjoy the following benefits:

Please check with our office for more information -

Download a copy of the benefits of being a CAWEE member here.

Who are our members?

CAWEE women are leaders in their fields with strong professional networks. Our executives are middle management or of greater seniority within their business, and our entrepreneurs are typically established business owners, with or without employees.

CAWEE members and affiliates include lawyers, accountants, IT professionals, HR consultants, marketing and communications professionals, government and not-for-profit executives, designers, coaches and many more.

We welcome diversity and encourage you to explore the opportunities CAWEE membership brings.

If you have questions about becoming a CAWEE member, don’t hesitate to call us at: 416-756-0000 or email

Membership Renewal is available through the Welcome Page when members log into the CAWEE website (top right corner)

To JOIN CAWEE please complete the appropriate membership form below. Membership applications will be reviewed at a board meeting within 1 month of receipt of a completed application. While under the review process applicants can utilize the benefits of membership.

Download the CAWEE Code of Conduct.


Membership to CAWEE is listed below. Fees are for 1 year (renewable on anniversary date).

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP  - Individual Membership Form - $295.00 + HST

A woman who has functioned as a senior manager, executive or professional or at a comparable level, in her own business, in an organization, or in a not-for-profit organization, for two years or more and at this level should fulfill a minimum of two of the following:


Corporate Membership is for a group of women at a company, firm or an organization.

In addition to the Individual Benefits listed above, the following Company Benefits are included:

Company Benefits:

Pricing Options:

If you are interested in exploring a CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP with CAWEE, please email