Charity of Choice

CAWEE 2021-23 Charity of Choice

Holiday Campaign 

This year we invite you to participate in the “CAWEE 10 Ways of Giving” Holiday Fundraising campaign

What can you do to support Courage in Action?  Here is a thought a day for this week…

Monday – Provide Social Media support (2 -3 hours week)

Tuesday – Facilitate a workshop for a one-off program using your own content (2-3 hours per workshop)

Wednesday – Become a mentor (minimum 3-month commitment for 1 hour/week and 3x30 minute group calls)  

Thursday – Have a strong financial or legal background? Consider potentially becoming a board member (meet 4 times a year plus additional ad hoc time requirements)

Friday – Donate directly to Courage in Action via the 2022 CAWEE Holiday Giving Campaign link (tax receipt provided).

A big thank you for all your support, we have had a great start to raising funds for our second annual bursary!

Who is Courage in Action?

We are a registered charity helping women coming from difficult circumstances move forward in their lives. Our goal is to provide our participants with the tools, motivation and hope that uplifts and inspires them to create new or different outcomes.

We accomplish this through educational sessions, one day conferences with presentations, workshops and activities presented by professional women. Many of the women who volunteer come from similar backgrounds and have moved beyond their situation, in other words they “walk the talk”.

The programs and conferences are free to members of Courage in Action and is operated by volunteers with the aid of very generous sponsors.  Our conferences and programs are provided by passionate speakers and interactive activities. Our conferences also include healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Our goal is to provide our participants with the tools, motivation, and hope that uplifts and inspires them to create new or different outcomes. We accomplish this through educational sessions and one-day conferences with presentations, workshops, and activities. Our programs are free to members of Courage in Action. Our volunteers operate our programs, which are funded and supported by very generous sponsors.

Our Vision: A national sisterhood empowering women to overcome adversity and create positive change.

Our Mission:
To bring women together to inspire confidence, foster friendships and teach life skills as they move from adversity to possibility.

Courage in Action Values:
- Empowering women to move forward one step at a time
- Inspiring hope, courage and perseverance
- Creating an inclusive, safe and supportive environment
- Fostering belief in the ability to grow, change and learn
- Building a community through contribution
We believe that: Everyone is important.  Everyone is equal.

We aim: To provide opportunities for connection, learning and contribution for our attendees, volunteers, Board of Directors, and sponsors.


To apply:

To donate:

Founder and Executive Director:  Cindy Stradling

We are excited to offer online support:

Our statistics (based on a recent survey) 

99% of members surveyed have participated in one or more online programs 

88% of members surveyed access the resources on our website and found them valuable

71% of conference attendees have been to two or more live conferences

Members we surveyed have reported the following benefits:

·       A sense of community

·       New friendships

·       Increased confidence

·       More self-awareness

·       Improved self-care habits

·       Hope for a brighter future

·       Being more resilient

To date we have provided our services for 450+women

Statistics & Feedback from our first Virtual Conference

72 women attended

82 % of attendees rated the conference great to awesome!

100% of attendees would recommend CIA to a friend!