Member Round-table - Strategy: What it is and How to do it

Date: Thu Jan 21, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM
Location: Virtual, Zoom Online
Dress Code: Casual
Strategy: A word that sends some people running because they don't really understand what it is or know how to do it well. But it really is just about choices: the choices you make and how to make good choices.
Join Jayne Huhtanen, B.Eng. Mgmt., Focal Point Coaching, for a CAWEE Round Table on "Strategy: What it is and How to do it" where we will:
  • define "strategy" and "strategic thinking",
  • understand what makes a strategy "good", and
  • discuss a framework to help you be more strategic and make good strategic choices as you build your business.
Come prepared to share your insights and learn from others how you can be more strategic.
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Photographs taken at this public event will be used in CAWEE and partner organization print and online publications.