CAWEE Round Table Event - March 26, 2019

Date: Tue Mar 26, 2019
Time: 11:30 AM to 01:00 PM
Location: Spiga Ristorante, 1378 Yonge Street , Toronto
Dress Code: Casual

Join fellow CAWEE members for a moderated discussion "Self-emplyed vs Corporation - Which Should You Choose?" Hear advice and anecdotes from expert Denise Robertson, Partner with Mills & Mills LLP, and fellow members. The program is free however there is a cost applied which will be redirected to a breakfast program of your choice AFTER you have attended. The Round Table sessions are capped at 8 so register quickly!

About Round Table Events...

The idea is simple and inspired by such groups as Mastermind or PAGs. An organizer picks an industry or business topic of interest to our membership, like hiring new employees, food and beverage, B2B, etc. Registration is first come-first served to a maximum group of 8, and the timing will be a lunch or dinner meet-up.  The cost of registration is the same as that of breakfast, but once you attend the Round Table, YOUR NEXT BREAKFAST IS FREE. After that, you only pay for what you order for food or beverages at the Round Table venue.

During the meal, the group engages in Round Table chat where they brainstorm and share ideas. Attendees take turns speaking specifically on challenges they're facing in their own businesses (or challenges they know their clients have encountered) and everyone else offers advice or anecdotes on similar situations. 

Round Tables are a chance for peer mentorship and CAWEE member networking. Unlike Mastermind or PAGs, which require a significant time commitment, round tables are standalone events, unless the group wants to meet again at a later date, at which point there would be a new sign-up. 

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Photographs taken at this public event will be used in CAWEE and partner organization print and online publications.