CAWEE Online Round Table Event - June 18, 2020

Date: Thu Jun 18, 2020
Time: 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM
Location: Online, Your Computer
Dress Code: Casual

Member Only Event! CAWEE Roundtable Session


The discussion will be focused on the current situation that each one of us finds ourselves in; where are we, and what are our personal experiences as we each go through these uncertain times. Each one of us is coping through the pandemic in our own unique way; Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually. The roundtable interaction will give us an opportunity to  share our experiences  with each other in a safe and trusting environment,  and be  facilitated by Rose-marie Fernandez, a Professional Certified Coach,  so as to create a healthy discussion around maintaining that strong mindset that will pivot the “Overwhelm” that we are experiencing in our lives and  together we will create an implementable personal tool-kit for ourselves to navigate our energy from .

Organizing member:

Rose-marie Fernandez is a Professional Certified Coach who has had almost four decades of experience in the Human Performance Arena, in Canada and Internationally. After having had the experience of being the first Director of Human Resources at the YWCA, she made a commitment to be the supporting arm that propels women to lead a more fulfilling life. She has always had the belief that we are more than what we imagine our selves to be and her goal in this Chapter 4 of her life is help women be what they have always wanted to become and never had the time to.  The current global turbulence gives each one of us ample opportunity to explore within us what has been waiting to explode out in the surface.

This Roundtable Discussion is for those 8 members who are willing to feel everything so that they can step out and do anything.

Date: Thursday June 18th 2020 @ 12 noon
Online Zoom Collaboration
Snacks/lunch welcome.

Join fellow CAWEE members for a moderated discussion on a designated topic with advice and anecdotes from other attendees. The Round Table sessions are capped at 8 so register quickly!

Round Tables are a chance for peer mentorship and CAWEE member networking. Unlike Mastermind or PAGs, which require a significant time commitment, round tables are standalone events, unless the group wants to meet again at a later date, at which point there would be a new sign-up. 

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Photographs taken at this public event will be used in CAWEE and partner organization print and online publications.