Bring Your Own Breakfast Event! (BYOB) - Online Collaboration - June 11, 2020

Date: Thu Jun 11, 2020
Time: 07:30 AM to 09:00 AM
Location: Virtual, Online
Dress Code: Business casual

Bring Your Own Breakfast Event! (BYOB)
Registration Required - Zoom Conference Details will be forwarded upon registration

*Guests Welcome but limited to 15

For more than 40 years CAWEE members have been getting together for breakfast on the second Thursday of every month to build relationships with like-minded women. We have built lasting relationships, strengthened our businesses and supported one another.

While we can't get together in person, we do know it's important to stay connected and continue to build relationships. 

We will have a speaker and we will do our usual introductions. Everyone will have EXACTLY 30 seconds for their introduction or "elevator speech" (be forewarned - we will mute your microphone if you go over!).

The event will open at 7:30 AM for some casual conversation and networking and the formal meeting will start at 7:45 AM.

Speaker: Debbie Shawn, Divorce Matters, Preparing for an Organized Divorce
Topic: Covid 19 - Side Effects May Include Your Marriage, Your Business, and ...

And feel free to enjoy your own delicious breakfast while we chat!

*Members please note, with limited registration there are no "guests at the member rate" for online breakfast events.

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Photographs taken at this public event will be used in CAWEE and partner organization print and online publications.