What Does Social Media Success Look Like?

Riding back to my office on the King Street car after our CAWEE Roundtable, I revisited my notes and then tapped on my Twitter app. (Yup, riding the streetcar is one of my favourite places to look at my social feed.)
As I was considering a retweet about successful Toronto business women, the theme for my blog came to mind; "What does Success look like?"

Here is the answer: 


These are the successful CAWEE women members that invested 120 minutes of their time-strapped day to learn how they can “up” their game on social media to:

Get more leads.

Grow brand awareness.

Be thought leaders.

And grab more ROI.

There was a good vibe at our roundtable and between all of us, we were able to peel back every onion and leave the table with inspiring new social media hacks, ambitions, and goals. Courtesy of all of us.

That’s the beauty of the CAWEE Roundtables. Everyone contributes. Everyone is a winner!

At the start of our lunch, we took turns going around the table sharing how we use social media in our business and our biggest pain points.

Here are some of the pain points mentioned, in no particular order:

  1. Scheduling – When to post and how often.
  2. Where to post – Which platforms to post on and why?
  3. How to find and share curated content?
  4. Finding resources that can help with social media tasks.
  5. How to generate leads through social media.
  6. How to leverage groups.
  7. How to manage your personal and business profile content.
  8. How to give, and get ROI in return.

Whew! Do any of these pain points resonate with you? Many are common challenges that small business owners and executives face during social media minutes!

As you continue your own social media journey, I hope these quick answers and tips to the 8 questions above prove useful to you:

  1. Schedule your time wisely on social media. Set a specific time such as 8 am for 15 minutes and 2pm for 30 minutes. Use a timer to help you avoid going down the rabbit hole.
  2. Pick 1 or 2 platforms. Do your best to become an expert on at least one platform. HINT: Choose platforms where your prospects and customers are spending their time!
  3. Use hashtags and list features on Twitter to find your target audience, influencers. Grow your influence and network!
  4. Use tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social or HubSpot. Research each one to find the right business fit. Ask your peers about the tools they use.
  5. Use LinkedIn company pages to generate business leads, grow brand awareness and create thought leadership. Start organically, measure, and then move to a paid ads strategy.
  6. Groups are in! Join groups on LinkedIn and be an active group member. Schedule time on LinkedIn to comment and share!
  7. If you are managing both a personal brand and a business profile on a platform keep the business content squarely focused on your target audience.
  8. Give. Give. Take! Repeat. (But don’t give away your ROI!) Manage and measure your social media activities.


What are your social media pain points and what are you doing to minimize them?

We’d love to know about your hacks!

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc.

Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. is a firm specializing in social media marketing and consumer packaged goods innovation. Karen leverages 15 years of omnichannel leadership initiatives and expertise at global brands including Coca-Cola Canada, Walmart Canada to help her clients succeed.