Wellness Strategies for Small Businesses

The majority of people spend 90% of their time indoors. 4 out of 5 employees believe their employers are responsible for supporting their employees' physical and psychological health. 70% of health claim costs are due to mental illness or stress related issues. On average, medical leaves due to mental illness are about double the cost of medical leaves due to physical illness

Covid-19 has presented us with this new way of looking at our health and wellbeing. That has never been so reaffirming bringing a greater awareness to personal and mental health.

Wellness is the practice of caring for your wellbeing.

Wellbeing is multidimensional it includes your spiritual, emotional, occupational, environmental, financial, social and physical (nutrition, physical activity, stress and mental health) dimensions. This is a framework that provide people with a roadmap to overall wellness to prevent burnout and develop a wellness understanding, improve their mental wellness, and build in wellness strategies.

Living purposefully is the key to a healthy and vital life. These dimension/pillars are created from your values and beliefs. When one dimension becomes sick or dysfunctional, it effects the other dimensions which can alter your whole being. Collectively, your wellbeing is the ecosystem of how you live and what is important to you.

These pillars can be a foundation to a wellness strategy and align with the corporate culture’s values and beliefs. They can also serve as a baseline assessment tool that measures a person’s insights into their own perception of their health and wellness (at a point in time) to maximize their potential, increase their productivity, personal prosperity and success.

It creates a structure in the workplace, addresses work/life conflicts, policies and procedures.

I discussed three pillars. The physical wellness pillar is made up of your nutrition, fitness and mental health and essential to the vibrancy of your life. The emotional wellness pillar supports open communication, emphatic listening and asking questions on how to help others and go deeper when communicating to your team.  The environment pillar represents your relationship to the climate, indoor spaces and an interconnection with people showing respect and dignity. The internal environment, our designed living spaces include the ergonomic set ups of our office equipment and physical interaction for movement and workspace flow. Adding Biophilic design/Plants that creates spaces improve air quality, exposure to natural light stimulates the mind, and helps with focus.

A wellness program is integrated into the corporate culture of the company. The programs and strategies are designed to support employees along the entire spectrum of health from prevention, to risk mitigation, to care.

I am offering to CAWEE members and guests a free wellness plan consultation and checklist.

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