Small business owners and solo-preneurs face common challenges of budget, time and manpower limitations. Most feel overwhelmed or intimidated by pressures to develop a strong web presence with limited resources and in a seemingly ever changing landscape of digital marketing options. Most have questions about security and about where to invest their best efforts first. There is understandably much confusion over what online products and services are the best value, the most secure and best fit for their needs. 

Given the opportunity to share my experience and expertise in a brief 5 minute presentation to CAWEE members and guests at the January 11th breakfast, it was my intention to deliver as much helpful guiding information as possible and leave members with a useful takeaway. The complete presentation deck is available here Hopefully, the ideas presented will give you food for thought, some vital new resources, and explanations relevant to your business and the development of your online presence. At the very least I hope it will help you to recognize your common concerns and have some resources to add ease and confidence to your experiences developing your website and related digital marketing.

This presentation was intended to capture the most common questions, misconceptions, and share some of the ways I begin with new customers - unfortunately, more often than not, we start by rescuing them from situations that could have been easily avoided. 

Small business owners and solo-preneurs who have a web site, are considering a blog, or only have social media, do need to understand and plan for many considerations. The internet has changed marketing, yet marketing is still the same... But that is an entirely different presentation.

If any of these considerations resonate with you or have been keeping you up at night, I am happy to offer a free 1/2 hour consultation to CAWEE members to take time to clarify your points of interest in more detail.

Wishing you health, prosperity, confidence in your business building and more Joy in 2018.

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Susan Ward

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