The Domino Effect: Celebrating 30 Years in Business

So how does one begin to celebrate 30 years in business?
My Mom introduced me to the game of Dominoes a few years ago. Before that dominoes were blocks we lined up on the floor so we could knock them down. So imagine my amusement when I learned to play dominoes. I won't get into Domino game rules, but you may have tried your hand at matching the tiles or standing them on their end as seen in our anniversary video
Dominoes is a combination of strategy and good fortune. Playing dominoes reminded me that you must always plan your play, focus on your goal and be ready for unexpected setbacks like losing a turn or having to draw extra tiles. This is what it is like to be in business for 30 years!
Piece by piece I built my early business from zero-zero (domino reference). Chance and  opportunity have been present for Impagination from the beginning. Good fortune brought chance meetings, now called networking, landing two award-winning branding projects for bio-tech start-ups.
Things began to take shape with repeat and regular clients. Referrals came and the team grew with some of our favourite clients joining the team. One later introduced me to CAWEE.
Success is measured many ways. Some may say longevity is success. I say, thank goodness for my love of yoga, good friends and family, not to mention some amazing genetics for keeping me positive, strong and healthy over the past 30 years!
Some may say money is the measure of success. And while my minimum cheque has risen over the years, and I've hit my dream cheque several times, my Mom taught me the value of money when I was a budding entrepreneur. She charged me for the sugar for my childhood Kool-Aid stand and handed us $1 to purchase baking at the school bake sale rather than make a $1 batch of cookies only to net $1 in return. These are important financial life lessons that serve me well in business today.
Some say recognition is the measure of success. Impagination has been recognized with many awards. There is satisfaction in being judged by peers and industry leaders, but more significant is the opportunity that clients allows us to do our best work, and to share these awards with them.
Some say relationships are the measure of success. And that is why I gathered three decades of our best clients together for a celebration. Many travelled long distances to attend, honouring the longevity and depth of Impagination's relationships.
My personal measure of success is the value I bring. I continuously strive to learn, share, boost and refine to bring value to every relationship and every conversation. Impagination will continue to inspire, to grow personally and professionally, to make it easier, simpler and faster to stay focused on goals; take advantage of opportunities; and continuously connect the dots towards the future, one domino step at a time.