Take the Guesswork Out of Your Planning for 2020

As we draw closer to the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another; it’s time to consider the possibilities for the year ahead. It’s time to start your planning process for 2020 and kick-off the new year with great gusto.

However, you need to know, not all plans are created equal.

Often business owners brainstorm good ideas, decide what they want to do next year and call it a plan. That’s not enough, the quality of your plan is directly proportional to the amount of preparation you do.

You have a planning advantage – you have history. Acknowledging that history supports making educated decisions and more accurate forecasts.

You want to identify what did not bring the results you wanted and minimize those things. And, what did bring results so you can replicate and maximize those things.

Peter Drucker wrote, “Miracles are great, but they are so unpredictable”. I recommend planning rather than waiting for a miracle.

To help you take the guesswork out of your future, work through this checklist to guide your thinking and research as you prepare to plan for your success.

Things to think about as you reflect over the past year(s):

 Marketing results:

 Your Industry:

What are the numbers telling you?

Judi Hughes is passionate about helping small business owners achieve the success they want with their business. Developing strategic plans and providing support to implement those plans is at the core of all her work with her clients. For more insights on planning visit her blog.