Using Video To Increase Web Presence

Did you know that 74% of online traffic is video? 74%!! By 2019 it will be 80%. It is no longer a “should have” but “must have” in business. Look at companies like Coca Cola, McDonalds, Budweiser? Do they need to advertise – of course they do and so do you! You have to be the first person someone thinks of when they are looking for your services! I work with entrepreneurs and business owner to produce videos that build the know, like, trust factor so that their ideal clients will hire them instead of the competition. I teach clients how to get started with video even if they do not have a big marketing budget and are not super techy! 

I have always loved taking pictures and creating videos. I started volunteering at Rogers television, a community TV station many years ago. I went out in the field and covered local stories, worked on mobiles at parades, OHL games and LOVED it! I don’t think once in those 11 years I ever got out in front of the camera. I’m kicking myself for that now!! I realized I needed to be following my own advice and stop being the best kept secret! I started doing my own videos and it has made a difference! I’m beginning to see different possibilities in everyday situations. I also see on my Facebook page that when I use video, I reach more people. 

While the best scenario for your business would be to have a website, and have something to sell, you can start with YouTube and Facebook! Your potential clients just want to hear what you have to say; your passion shines through when you are talking about what you love. Video does build the know, like and trust factor. 

Here are 2 tips I shared with those who attended the meeting:

1. Turn your phone horizontal!!

If you have seen videos where there are black boxes on either side of the video, that is because they were holding the phone vertically. Your video gets lost between the boxes and can’t be viewed full screen.

Use the lens on the back of your phone. It is a better-quality lens; better quality video. Looking at the lens on the back of the phone is also less distracting as you are not looking at yourself while taping. Raise your arm to shoulder height and then go up to 4 inches. Raising the camera also gives you a slimming effect on your face. When you look into the lens, you look into the eyes of your client!! If you think about it, this is the lens you use when you are shooting video. You can check out the difference in quality by taking a selfie picture and then taking the same picture using the lens on the back of the phone. Learn more -

2. Frame Your shots

Divide your frame into thirds. draw imaginary lines over your frame like I have done in this video - two horizontal, two vertical. It is called the Rule of Thirds principle. Your eyes should be on the top line and position yourself on either vertical line. If you watch interviews on TV or the nightly news, you will notice the speaking room and eye position they are using. If your eyes are above the top line, you do not have enough head room. If gives the viewer the feeling that you are talking down to them which can feel intimidating and you don’t want that. If your eyes are on the bottom line, you have too much headroom and it doesn’t look balanced! Here is a link to my video blog on this topic - 

For more tips like these, and to contact me, please visit my website and download my sizzling tips!!