How to Plan a Stellar Event: Tips for Success

Planning an event? Here are my top 10 tips to ensure that it is a success, well attended, on time and on budget!

  1. Have a financial objective set – is this your top money maker or are you just trying to break-even?
  2. Pick a theme and align all your communication materials with it. This makes the event memorable and people will want to return year over year to check out your new theme.
  3. Solicit help, be it from an events committee, your local tourism board or venue staff
  4. Infuse fun elements such as Amazing Race, Top Chef, contests, use of Apps, entertainers and graphic recorders. Incorporate the natural beauty/cultural elements of your destination.
  5. Content is king – make sure that the content and speakers are of high calibre and align with the chosen theme.
  6. Promote your event early and often! As elements such as keynote speakers or entertainers are lined up, announce them. This influences people to register.
  7. Details are important. Review all agreements (venue, speaker, sponsor). Create an event script including land acknowledgement, speaker bios, sponsor thank yous.
  8. COVID 19 considerations: Be aware of the regulations; have a Plan B (virtual event) ready in case there are new restrictions. Discuss with your team if proof of vaccination is going to be mandatory. Use government approved waiver forms.
  9. On-site needs to flow well, so make sure you and your team are well rested and adopt a problem-solving mindset as there are always issues that can crop up during any event. 
  10. Debrief post-event using your team’s impressions of what went well vs. what needs to be improved for next time. Incorporate evaluation results from the delegates and vendors. Use positive delegate evaluations as testimonials for future events. Post the testimonials on social media.

Be aware that a successful event drives business! Vendors and sponsors will want to partner with you again. Delegates will want to attend future events. A well-executed event reflets well on everyone involved in the organization, and strengthens your brand.

The bilingual founder and president of Health Care Event Planning, Malak Sidky is a certified Digital Event Strategist and has vast experience planning countless virtual events from think tanks, workshops, advisory board meetings, galas and wellness retreats to union conventions, product launches and multi-day conferences, in both the health and business arenas.

She has taught Event Planning, Math for Hospitality and Special Event Operations at various colleges and is currently teaching Professional Sales at the International Language Academy of Canada. 

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President, Health Care Event Planning
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