Let Happiness Be Your Goal

Let Happiness Be Your Goal Tips: 

Many of us set goals at the start of the year.  Goals are really great --- if we achieve them.  The following are tips to support a happier you in achieving your goals for 2021.  Happy New Year! 

Acknowledge your weakness, and make a plan for managing it.Your time is much better spent honing your strengths. The bottom line is you will be more successful and happier if you utilize your strengths to achieve your goals. When looking at a challenging goal, utilize one of your strengths to achieve it.

What is important about this goal? Will this make me happy? What happens if I achieve it? What happens if I don’t? What obstacles are in the way of achieving this? What’s worked for me in the past in achieving my goals? How might one of my strengths support me in achieving this goal?

Some of the feedback I’ve received is:

Colleen creates a safe place for me to learn and grow.  I’ve learned that coaching isn’t about fixing oneself but rather, a partnership aimed at helping one reach their full potential.  Most of all, Colleen empowered me by helping to unearth my ability to be resilient:  now I feel happy and confident to accept new challenges and embrace the unknown.                          

Wishing you to optimize your strengths to support your happiness in achieving your goals for 2021.

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BIO:  For over 30 years, Colleen held senior leadership positions in the Financial Services Sector.  While at Scotiabank, she obtained her Adler Certified Professional Coaching designation.  Now, with over 20 years Coaching experience, and 6 years at the PCC level, she is currently working on her Master’s Coaching Certification. 

After 30 years of corporate success, Colleen took the leap towards her own happiness and fulfilment and started her own business, Coaching Connextions, To Optimize What’s Next.  

Her work is focused on safely helping others achieve their goals by doing a deep dive of self-discovery to UTIMATELY create lasting happiness, and fulfilment in their work and in their lives.