Volunteering for Courage in Action

The mandate of Courage in Action is to share tools, motivation, and hope with women facing challenges of many kinds. Since January 2022 I’ve been providing Financial Literacy webinars for this outstanding charity of choice. Somewhere between fifty and sixty women have participated in the two-part series. They are women from very diverse backgrounds, often new Canadians but also many born here.

I am impressed by the attendees who have shared some of their financial struggles. Their challenges typically involve understanding money better in order to save for the future during difficult economic circumstances. These might result from being single parents, divorcees who ended up with less than half of the family income and assets or adapting to the economics of life in Canada. 

The main message I share with these brave women is that it’s never too late to learn and make changes to how you handle money. Some of the lessons I communicate are:

I also stress that feeling shame for being in a currently unfavourable financial situation is not helpful. The women are often in their 40’s and haven’t yet started saving for retirement because life hasn’t given them much opportunity to do so. Negative emotions can cause one to lose control and manage finances poorly. On the other hand, seeing yourself more successful in the future relieves stress. My “students” report they are building resiliency and confidence by learning new ways to pay themselves first and develop a system to save for emergencies.

If you can volunteer to share a skill or knowledge that would benefit women who have the courage to tackle their challenges, I encourage you to reach out to Courage in Action to offer your time and expertise. A woman may need you to create a new outcome in her life. Email to for more information.

Marylou Heenan is a Speaker and Financial Educator in Toronto. Although recently retired as a Financial Advisor, she maintains her designations as a Certified Cash Flow Specialist and a Registered Retirement Consultant.

She is passionate about improving Canadians’ financial literacy from young ages through to a successful transition into a joyful retirement.

Reach out to Marylou at 416-518-1332 or email