Roundtable: Effective Communication

When I was on one of the CAWEE networking zoom calls I remember Rose-Marie Fernandez announcing they were looking for round table sessions and discussions. Now to me Roundtable sessions meant that one person led the group about something they were training in and then we would discuss about that subject. What I was delighted to find out was that this meant something completely different in a CAWEE round table, it was more interactive, and the moderator would make comments to just lead the discussion as opposed to training or lecturing. 

I decided to apply to offer a round table discussion on communication and what were everyone’s best practices. On the day of the zoom meeting for the round table, everyone showed up with enthusiasm and an open-minded energy and attitude. We spoke about the challenges we had faced in the past and present, especially with COVID-19 – how everyone had noticed that people were communicating differently. Everyone got a chance to speak and voice their opinions, concerns and of course their solutions. What I noticed with the group was that they were all supportive offering solutions and quite frankly what had worked for or was working for them, something we were all very open to hearing. Nothing was insurmountable and everyone listened with an open mind. We talked about how to deal with different clients, family members, friends and also some communication breakdowns as well as some wins. It was really enriching to see everyone open up and have their say and every woman there had something valuable to contribute.

One thing I noted as we all spoke and told our stories in the roundtable was that I will have a deeper level of communication with all of those women who participated because I know just a little more about them now and I am richer for it. I look forward to the next one and getting to know more of you on a deeper level too.
Laura Armstrong