Raw Honey: For Healthy, Hydrated Skin

Honey is one of the natural world’s health-producing wonders. As you know, honey is the nectar gathered from the blossoms of many flowers by industrious bees. After it is collected by some of the bees from a hive, it is then changed by the other bees to make it more useful in the hive. They condense the liquid out of the original flower nectar, producing a heavy syrup with a high percentage of natural sugar content. Though honey is used most often as a nutritional food, it has been used for thousands of years as a natural medicinal and beauty product, too.
The antioxidants and active enzymes found in honey may play a role in protecting the skin from sun damage as well as aid in skin rejuvenation. Because raw honey is antimicrobial and the molecules take up and retain moisture, it it known to speed the drying of wounds. This makes it also very good for acne and irritated skin. Raw Honey also stimulates the regrowth of tissue, strengthens capillaries and the fibroblast needed for healing. It also encourages the dermis to develop new connective tissue and speeds up the growth of new epithelial cells.
Honey Massage is the most luxurious, safe and effective method of treating the problem of dull, environmentally damaged, aging skin without surgery or painful non-surgical procedures. This type of massage is a lifting, toning, firming treatment for the face. It is a Natural Face Lift massage! It softens lines, gently exfoliates and gives your face a smooth glowing look for days!!
There’s more! 
When honey is applied with the Honeylift Massage Techniques the Benefits include:
*Helps smooth fine lines
*Provides a light exfoliation
*Provides moisture and nourishment for dry, dull skin.
*Boosts the skin’s immune system
*Improves circulation
*Assists the skin to naturally express congested sebum ( clogged pores)
*Stimulates the synthesis of collagen
*Antibacterial and antimicrobial 
Be Radiantly you… with natural face lift massages!

Mei-Lana Chow is a Bellanina Facelift Massage Specialist, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Medical Aesthetician.

She has spent a decade working under the supervision of a renowned Toronto Dermatologist and has also studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

Mei-Lana has taken her extensive medical knowledge and combined it with her inherent passion for holistic healing to re-design an approach to beauty that is as traditional as it is progressive. Pioneering an emerging skin care therapy, She will provide an alternative approach to your skin care needs with the solid backing of science and technology. Mei-Lana is a true believer in approaching beauty from the inside out, her view is simple:

After having spent years viewing and treating skin aliments from one perspective, Mei-Lana decided it was time to fuse her passion for health with her medical background. The outcome: an innovative approach to beauty while achieving total body wellness.

Mei-Lana works with each client to develop a plan that is inspired by her appreciation for alternative health and organic beauty care. Her most recent addition to a host of specialized treatment offerings is the Bellanina Face lift massage- an all natural, holistic technique for obtaining and maintaining firm, smooth, healthy skin at any age. Other methods of achieving radiant skin include nutritional assessments, with focus on adjusting nutritional imbalances, implementing a whole foods diet and eliminating toxic intake load. With each treatment you will be completely immersed in the experience whereby mind, body and spirit are able to relax and enjoy the entire healing process.

Mei-Lana Chow, RHN