Putting Sexy Back Into Planning

Can you imagine financial planning being sexy? I guess technically it isn’t, or is it? Bare with me, I’m pretty sure I’m onto something here. Let’s first consider what it means to be sexy: Is it sky high heels and tight skirts? Or maybe it’s that person who holds their head just a little higher, they’re not incredibly bogged down by the stresses of life. I’m sure if you ask anyone, confidence is hot.


Money can be a huge source of self-doubt, shame, and even mystery with a lot of people. Working with the right financial professionals can demystify your finances and create a financial roadmap that works strategically towards your goals. Even if you’re currently floundering around financially, sitting down with a financial planner, and creating a strategy to move forward is incredibly empowering.

I spoke with a woman just yesterday who is going through a divorce, has 2 kids and seemed so bogged down by her finances. At the end of just a 45min. call she said, “I feel so much lighter and clearer on what I need to do next”. I can’t tell you how much that meant to me and all it took was that one phone call to get her started on a strategic plan.


Oh boy, this is a biggy when it comes to your finances. Do you think you’re able to clearly communicate either with your spouse, or with your financial professionals what money means to you and what you want it to do for you? Everyone is incredibly different here, there’s a lot of beliefs and feelings all wrapped up into things like: income, expenses, and net worth.

A lot of marital breakdowns can be attributed to not being able to communicate productively with each other. What if you could have a third-party professional come in and listen to both of you, then create a clear plan going forward on how to touch on all those concerns and goals. I work with lots of families at all sorts of life stages towards a clear financial path.

To me, confidence and productively communicating are incredibly sexy!

Tips to do Today towards financial clarity!

  1. Tidy up your banking
    1. Take a good look at those bank accounts and credit products, make sure they’re working for you
  2. Automate as much as possible
    1. Set up those recurring bills on automatic payments
    2. Reduce your mental accounting burden
  3. Track those variable expenses
    1. Anything you’re using ‘tap’ for, keep an eye on those
    2. Look at last months transactions for an accurate picture of your lifestyle
  4. Track your credit score
    1. Watch out for mistakes and/or fraud
    2. A good credit score is a powerful financial tool!

Sunny Wishart, CFP® 
President, A la Carte Financial