Nutrition & Self-Care Musts That Impact Your Business

As an entrepreneurial professional, your ability to focus and increase your workflow is vital to your success and if the work doesn’t get done or your focus is weak, then your results suffer. Carving out time for self care, making yourself a priority, and cultivating a consistent self-care routine will not only help you avoid burnout (and be a happier person in the process), but it can also help you ramp up your productivity.

So why does self-care matter?

Questions to ask yourself:

We aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but going back to basics and fundamentals of self-care, are necessary and effective. Here’s where to start:

Gain Perspective & Be Proactive

Finding Balance

All meals and snacks should contain:

If you create healthy, balanced meals and snacks, they will provide you with the proper nutrients and energy to carry you through the day. And let’s aim for less sugar! Read packages and labels as you just might be surprised at how much sugar there is in packaged goods!


With being home so much, we are visiting the pantry and refrigerator more often than necessary. Being mindful of our emotions and the reasons we are eating is important to ensure we aren’t consuming unnecessary calories in order to mask what is really going on.

The next time you find yourself in the kitchen reaching for something, consider the fact that you just might be:

HALT and sit with the emotion you are feeling and then proceed mindfully in order to serve your mind and body best.

Daily Habits

Not only do we need to pay attention to what food we put into our body and why, we need to ensure our daily habits are just that – DAILY!


Rhonda Armour is the founder of Rhonda Armour – Fitness, Nutrition & Life Coaching.  As a Nutrition Coach, Life Coach and Personal Trainer, Rhonda provides custom coaching on all aspects of self-care in order to implement strategies and methods that fit her clients unique lifestyles.