Making the Shift from Employee to Thriving Entrepreneur

When I embarked on the path of self-employment, I didn't understand just how much I would need to change my habitual way of thinking and operating in my day-to-day life to shift from employee to entrepreneur.

There are many resources to draw upon to guide you through the nuts and bolts of starting a business. But nobody talks about you about what you, as a person, will experience and some of the new realities you'll face.

You have a newfound freedom, but with it comes a new level of personal responsibility. You are now in charge of your world in a way that you may never have been.

When you are intentional about the business you are creating and develop the right mindset and habits, you set yourself up to become a thriving entrepreneur. As an extension of you thriving, you'll be able to build a business that also thrives.

Develop Your Self-Image as a Business Owner  

One of the most critical mindset shifts you'll need to make in moving from employee to business owner is in how you see yourself or your self-image. Entrepreneurship requires you to take on a whole new identity, one that is very different.

Many women coming out of traditional employment jump straight into doing everything their logical mind tells them is necessary to start building a business. They try to bypass doing the internal work to shift their self-image first. To see themselves as a successful business owner.

A more effective approach is to understand the way you'll need to think about yourself in your new role and then work on internalizing the new you. By doing the mindset work first, you'll bring a different type of energy to the experience of creating your business.

Create a Dedicated, Inspiring Workspace

If you are new to working from home, the world of self-employment can be a big adjustment.
While having a dedicated office is ideal, it is not an option for everyone. What is important is to create a dedicated space that allows you to focus.

Having a space that you specifically associate with work helps you switch your mindset into work mode. Our environment also can also have an impact on our energy. When you are in a space that makes you feel good, it helps raise your vibration.  

Be Vocal and Visible About Your Business

Many new entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that people know what they are up to. They may have shared a post or two about launching their business and then they go silent for fear of annoying their network.

One of the best habits you can form early on is to regularly share about your business and continually connect with people. Don't underestimate the value of having conversations with people in your network. These conversations can spark the word-of-mouth referrals that will be the most valuable source of business in your early days.

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