Making Exceptional Fashion Fun!

It’s not just about the way you look, but how you feel.  It’s not simply the outfit, but the style you own.  It’s not only the compliment, but the conversation.  Ultimately, beyond great fashion, Cabi is about the connection!  My decision to partner with Cabi was not made lightly!

At Cabi, we take great pride in our exceptional quality, extraordinary style and unique patterns.  As an Independent Stylist with decades of experience in the fashion industry, I excel at working together with  sharp women to create your very best statement on a daily basis. 

Do the clothes make the woman?  That concept could be seen as a little bit of a stretch, but here’s what I do know.  Making the most of your own style, stepping out feeling confident in the way you face your day, DOES make a measureable difference in the woman!  How?

My specialty is working with women in business – you!  You are a women who understands, whether you are at work or at play, image is of prime importance.   You understand that how others view you can be the difference maker in whether or not they value what you have to offer.

As your Stylist, my menu of services is completely customizable. 

Do you love to socialize?  Shop with girlfriends?  My Virtual Style Show is the perfect choice!  At the appointed time, everyone you’ve invited arrives on Zoom with their beverage of choice and we enjoy the next 60-90 minutes together!  No fuss, no travel time…just a few laughs, many oohs and aahs,  and LOADS of style fun!  After we’ve seen the current collection and had our fashion fix perusing all the Cabi cuteness – we say goodbye!  I will personally follow up with each of your guests with my Concierge Call, over the next couple of days.  This gives everyone the opportunity to take advantage of my personalized styling advice and ensure any orders are well thought through.

Not so much of a social shopper?  Perhaps you prefer to “get in, make a decision, and get on with your day”.   If this is you – let’s book a Virtual Personal Fitting.  Be prepared to answer a few questions about favourite colours, figure type, lifestyle, and where the gaps in your wardrobe are.    This allows me to edit the showing to save you time and work efficiently.

Another popular option is a Virtual Closet Audit!  If you have a closet full of pieces you are just not wearing…let’s sort through the orphans, the “but I paid a lot for that and never wear it”, the “I loved those pants 10 pounds ago” etc etc etc.  You get the picture!  Be prepared, you will have some pre-work to do and it will ALL be worth it when you feel the end result!!

Whatever your shopping style, whatever your fashion style, Cabi and I have you covered!   Opening your closet door in the morning should feel like attending a dinner party where you absolutely love to be with every person around the table. Never underestimate the value of a wardrobe that suits! 

Marlene Marco
416 802 0906