Looking Ahead in 2018

It is the start of a New Year, 2018, and with that brings hope and expectancy of new goals, dreams, and a sense of creating something new on the canvas of our lives. Drawing from the past years’ successes and what we deem as our failures, we strategize, organize and plan for the possibilities that we strive to achieve. We pour into the areas of our lives and businesses that we feel are the most empty and hope that our efforts will not be in vain.

Businesses are likened to children. They are birthed and cared for and demand continuous attention and investments. They reap both successes and failures and encompass a mindset of accomplishment, achievement and the striving of the human spirit to do better and be better than the status quo.

Within this process of planning, dreaming and goal setting often missing are uncomfortable conversations and thoughts of defensive approach to protect all that is being built and options to help continue on the path to success if/when life gets in the way. Many people feel that they will just figure it out as it happens or have enough saved to make it work, without recognizing that even a simple plan, with a few small smart decisions can truly make the difference between a successful outcome and one that is frustrated and disappointing.

Simple planning can help to accomplish both the happy goals and realistic life occurrences. Partnering with a financial advisor adds them to your team, your support system, your success. They help to point out the areas of weakness or exposure and create solutions to help protect you and ultimately your business. They champion your goals and build a relationship that continues to grow alongside your business. They become a trusted advisor and in many cases, a respected friend.

It was Henry David Thoreau who said "Be true to your work, your word and your friend." This is the kind of financial advisor you need to find. One that will respect you and your business because they have the integrity of character to partner with you for the long term.  They have your best interests at heart and look for ways to support you and your business. They ask the right questions.

What plans have you made for your retirement?

Who will run your business when you are no longer involved?

How will the proposed changes for taxation of business owners affect you?

If you were to look at your life ten years from now, what would have had to happened during those years for you to feel that it was a success?

A financial advisor can help to plan for each of these events and lay the groundwork to help you achieve your long term personal and professional goals.  The sooner you have a plan in place the better you will be able to navigate the obstacles ahead and focus on growing your business to the best it can be.

Success requires a plan; very few people aimlessly drift to success. That's why a "plan" is not enough. You really do need a Smart Plan.

As a Financial Security Advisor and Employee Benefits expert, Stephanie solves important financial problems and makes strategic recommendations that reflect the goals and objectives of clients. She has been at Basis Wealth for over four years partnering with Dana Mitchell to provide Smart planning for professional families.
Married, with a young family, Stephanie is currently completing her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation. She is actively involved in her community through her involvement with 100 Women Who Care Markham, and volunteering at her local church. She loves to travel, drink coffee and if her kids allow it, take a class at the gym. She brings a balanced, caring approach to every client meeting and strives to partner with them for life.

Stephanie Kotsopoulos BA Hons

Financial Security Advisor
Group Benefits Specialist

Basis Wealth and Basis Benefits

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