“Just Get Out There!"

“Just get out there"

A few years ago I celebrated my birthday by joining a guided kayak tour of Isla Espiritu Santo in Baja California.

The first night was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

We were camping on a beach and I just couldn’t get comfortable, my pillow wasn’t the right size, the ground wasn’t flat enough, and my thoughts were very negative. These thoughts kept popping into my mind:

why the hell do I book myself into these adventures to have a good time and end up in discomfort”

“I’m too old for adventure vacations. I should know better and avoid the hassle”.

“I shouldn’t have booked a kayak trip to Greenland next summer if I can’t even enjoy camping in a nice warm beach”.

The first morning was also memorable but for a very good reason.

The first travel companion I met when I groggily and grumpily got out of my tent was Warwick, a 70-something year-old Australian man travelling alone and recovering from cancer. He greeted me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with a happy “morning mate”. I grumbled some greeting back and he asked what was wrong (what could possibly be wrong on a sunny, picture-perfect, white sandy beach, right?). I explained I hadn’t had a good night. To which he replied:

“The older we get the harder it is to be comfortable.” “Don’t let that prevent you from enjoying yourself. JUST GET OUT THERE!”

Warwick’s words changed my outlook on life F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Since then, whenever I feel physically uncomfortable, I think of Warwick’s advice and it helps me to see the situation in a new perspective and with more positive mindset. That helps me to keep trying things that get me out of my comfort zone; and those things help me feel alive, youthful, and vibrant.

After a snow fall, with Warwick’s words in mind, I pushed myself to go cross-country skiing in the park; even though I felt more like staying home and not risking an injury. Of course, one hour later with rosy cheeks and a dripping nose, I was very glad I was OUT THERE.

Winter weather, for me and probably you, is here. Cold and snow are probably going to be around for a while.

Don’t let that keep you from going outdoors. The benefits for your menopause transition and overall health are immense.

If you haven’t built the habit of walking, I strongly encourage you do so.

Start small and safe. In time speed it up and increase the distance to 10,000 steps which research from the Universities of Australia and Denmark show is the 'sweet spot' for lowered risk of disease and death.

Whatever way you walk, some is better than none. Sitting is the new smoking.

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Teresa Isabel Dias, BSc Pharm, RPh, NCMP, MenopausED