Renowned studies by Richard Boyatzis and Wayne Dyer indicate that Intention setting is a proven mind tool to achieving highperformance.  This is because when we set an intention our mind works in way that combines thoughts (thinking) and emotions  (feelings) to achieve positive outcomes or behaviours.

Intentions reinforce  commitments made to the self in the present, that leads to achievement in the future. Goal setting is different in that the attention is given to achieve that which we perceive we do not have in the now and we hope to attain in the future. 

In the Round table discsion on October 14th, the attending participants shared that Journaling is very personal and uinque to each one of us. We journal for different reasons  We journal to dump, exlore, brainstorm, understand and affirm what it is we want to achieve.

Lessons learned from simple laws of nature are that in order to achieve what we desire most in our lives we need to adhere to a consistent process. Much like going to the gym everyday to build physical stamina Intentional Change can occur through daily Journaling . This process requires consistency, discipline and continuous nurturing of our mindset that purposefully drives us to achieve that which we most desire.  

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Rose-marie Fernandez is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF) and has seasoned experience in facilitating personal growth for individuals and organizations through her coaching methodologies. Her extensive international experience in many sectors has fortified her intuitive ability to connect with people and motivate them to believe that the impossible is always and at all time possible. As an Intentional Change Catalyst, she believes in making soul-to-soul connections with her clients to enable them to make sustainable and impactful changes in their lives.