Identifying Your Gold Medal Self

What does that really mean?  I feel like its an ever-changing idea but can give us a focused target we can at least plan out to achieve.

Being the best at what you do is where most of us strive to get to, but sometimes lack the path and steps to make it happen.

I have won world championship titles three times, and the third time I did it just to see if I could.  I wanted to prove that the methods I used the other two times, stood the test of time and could bring me another win.  I was delighted to say they did.  Being the best allowed me to realize that this was the real path to being a beginner at something, having that empty cup and knowing there will always be so much more.  As human beings so much contributes to our greatness and I wanted to give a framework around this so we have a place to start and move from, through and finally into success in both our business and our leadership.

I used the 5 Pillars to Identify my Gold Medal Self, in other words, if I was to become the World Champion of my business, what would that look like. 

The 5 Pillars

Business Leadership, Financial Position, Personal Perspective, Organizational Outlook, Impactful Contributions

All 5 of these work seamlessly together to create a framework around what successful leadership looks liked for me.  In my brief talk I only had a chance to chat about Business Leadership so let me pose some questions for you to be thinking about.  You don’t have to have the answer but be willing to ask the question and see what shows up in your world.

Business Leadership

What does your leadership look like? Are you at the head of a team or many teams? What does Leadership mean to you?  Are you the go to person?  Are you the expert in your field?  How do you know?  Could you become a paid consultant in your field?

And finally how do you define leadership – does it mean helping others take hold of their leadership and lifting them up to create a legacy of leadership?

What is Your mission and vision?  Do you know the difference between a mission and a vision?

A mission is something that is close to your heart, resonates with you and will create the change or difference in the world you want to see.  Your vision is a bigger view of things on a grander scale!  How have these shaped you as a person and contributed to your business?

What do you offer?  What is your product, service or opportunity – or a combination?  What do people need from you? Is it accessible to everyone – or is it niche marketed?  And is it easy to talk about and get your message across?

And lastly, how to lead!                
Do you lead with empathy and understanding?  Do you empower others? Are you honest?  Do you ask for advice?  Are you involved in everything and constantly learning or educating yourself?

Once you start to ask questions and create the answers you desire, not only will you show up more in your business and your leadership but in your life as well!!

If you are interested in learning more about this, join me on my next 3 Day Leadership Challenge to have Dynamic Change in Your Business:

I look forward to your continued success and please reach out at any time to connect!

Laura Armstrong

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