I Am Home

I am an Adler Professional Certified Coach, and I am always helping others find creative ways to feel more focused, balanced and grounded in order to achieve their work/life goals.  But recently I’d been struggling with my own anxiety and motivation to navigate my work and life during these challenging times.  Last week I took some of my own medicine, and I created some time and space to reflect.  I started by writing down all the things I was struggling with and then I wrote down all the things I desired.  I then asked myself, like I do with clients, to put this in the form of a mantra or intention, something to inspire me toward my future vision.  I didn’t know where this would take me, but the next thing I knew I was in the middle of writing a poem.  I hope it inspires you. 

I Am Home
A tiny house called home
Rests inside me when I’m all alone
Quiet times enjoying space
The path is open to find my place
Feeling freedom is the blissful goal
Including lightness to feed the soul
Not always having to be somewhere 
But enjoying the moment with self-care
Making room for all those parts
Love, joy, grief, and new fresh starts 
Laughter yes, and time to play
And sometimes.... work is the way
My life's a blank canvas for me to paint
And it may be messy as I’m no saint
Trusting the process to guide me through
An unknown journey …this is true
Accepting the path with trust and ease 
I’m in the forest but can see the trees
The light does shine beyond the blur 
And I am grounded, calm and sure
I am trusting, hopeful and I am strong 
I am at peace and doing nothing wrong
Loving the seasons for all that they bring
Nature guides me, that’s a sure thing
No one to please, just my heart
Enjoying today, it’s a good start
I’m at home and feeling free
No matter what or where I be
Today’s a new day, what do I see?

This all started with the Vision and Purpose work I do.  I needed to do my own deeper dive of self-discovery.  Are you willing to be brave enough to do your deeper dive?  Are you curious about how to create support for your own vision?  Do you have a vision?  Are you brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose?  What is your dream?  Can I help bring you home?

Colleen Rooney, ACPC, ICF-PCC has over 20 years practicing as an ICF Adler Certified Professional.  During COVID-19 she is helping individuals who are struggling to navigate their way through this difficult terrain.  She coaches individuals with their work / life vision and purpose and their career challenges as they deal with uncertainty, instability and job loss.
She has achieved her ICF-PCC designation which is the second highest level of professional coaching and she is working on her Masters designation.  She has over 30 years working in financial services in multiple senior leadership roles.

Colleen works with clients to manage stress, find balance, pivot your business, and to find new perspectives, and new opportunities.  She helps you overcome the challenges and obstacles you are facing right now to achieve even more than you thought possible.  She will help you develop a focused plan on the future with an approach to create the vision for you and your business.
Colleen’s success in using coaching during her 20-year career in Scotiabank was written up in the Globe and Mail, and she was recognized by the GTA International Coaching Federation (“ICF”) Chapter by receiving their Prism Award for supporting individuals in creating profound change in their work and their lives.