How To Master Meal Planning Like an Olympian!

FREE Masterclass - Wednesday, May 26th @7pm

How To Master Meal Planning Like an Olympian!

Understanding how to put together healthy, balanced meals that fit your unique schedule and lifestyle can certainly seem overwhelming. When we aren't sure what should go into our meals or how to effectively plan for the days ahead, we can often feel as though we are winging it – which can often result in poor nutrition decisions.

By the end of this masterclass, I can assure you that we will end the struggle and have you feeling like a champion meal planner! Please join me for an interactive session where you will not only experience a powerful hour of learning, but you will have the opportunity to assess your current diet and how to easily make changes with huge benefits!

We Will Work Through 3 Main Topics:
1. Key Success Factors - we will break down the fundamentals of meal planning, determine how to implement a process that works for your personal lifestyle, and explore the benefits of successful meal planning.
2. Macronutrients - we will discuss the 3 components and appropriate portions to building nourishing and satisfying meals that will keep your energy high all day long.
3. Meal & Snack Ideas - you will receive meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in order to provide you with choices that set you up for success.
What You Will Get Out of This Masterclass:
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Rhonda Armour
Certified Nutrition Coach, Life Coach & Personal Trainer