How to Create and Repurpose Effective Marketing Content

How to create and repurpose effective marketing content

30 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating. To kick off our own celebration, and amplify Impagination’s brand value of innovation in fostering client engagement, we developed our first Instagram campaign. The campaign combined visuals on the theme of Red-Hot Business Development with short commentary on the power of our brand colour – red.

We packaged the top 30 posts into a client appreciation book that was used as a promotional item for attendees of our anniversary event. The book and campaign won an international design award compelling us to convert it into an ebook so more people could experience it. We promoted the award and ebook on our blog and in our monthly newsletter. When speaking to groups or at conferences, the ebook is now a valued attendee gift that confidently promotes our brand.

I welcome you to download our award-winning 30th Anniversary ebook and would love to hear what it inspires for you.

Content builds engagement, connection and trust when you follow these five principles:

Be Strategic: What’s your plan and purpose for your content, e.g. drive traffic to your website, attract leads, show leadership or innovation, sell or recover the cost of your book?

Write What You Know: You are an expert in your specific field with tremendous insight into the pitfalls an inexperienced audience encounters. Sharing your wisdom gives them support, guidance and ultimately builds trust.

Stay on Brand: Be sure whatever you produce fits your brand values and targets your audience.

Maximize Your Effort: Once you’ve decided to create content, think of all the ways you can use it immediately or down the road: blogs, social media, PR, published articles, presentations, events or a book.

Use Professionals: If getting your content out is intended to bring credibility and return on investment to your business, use professionals to ensure your voice is heard without the distractions of typos, weak imagery or design.

Following these simple principles will help you develop a system for creating content that resonates with your audience, enhances your brand, and continues to work for you.

Laural Carr

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