Grow Yourself to Grow your Business! The Art of Gratitude & Self Care

“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so let us all be thankful” Buddha

During my early years in business I encountered many challenges, both business and personal. I had the year from hell! The dog died, the basement flooded, husband left and my daughter was bed ridden with severe anxiety. So, what do you do? With the help of a coach, my focus turned to the art of self care and gratitude and so my journey began. Self care and gratitude have been an instrumental part of growing my business over the years.

You may ask, what is self care? In short, it is your emotional hygiene. Activities that can be done to ensure physical and mental fitness. My morning routine starts early at 5am. Now I’m not saying you have to do this, however, there is magic in the early hours of the morning when it’s still dark outside and the rest of the world is sleeping and you are alone with your thoughts. An early morning workout can release dopamine, the happy drug and reduce cortisol, the stress hormone in our bodies, which can shape the rest of your day. Once I’m up and working out, my day feels completely different. I have more energy, and am sharper and feel happier. The greatest athletes in the world understand the power of repetition, it is the key to success. If you can implement this discipline in your schedule you will see marked improvement in your days. The way you live is who you become!

Other Self Care Tips:

1)     Balancing your needs with the needs of others. Getting out and meeting new contacts, friends, family, networking
2)     Make time for you, time alone to think, checking in with your thoughts and feelings
3)     Nourishing your body with healthy food
4)     Get enough sleep, nap, 90 minutes is a full sleep cycle
5)     Move your body! Anything, you can even do this at home. You Tube has many workout videos. Sweat once a day
6)     Help others, give back you will feel amazing
7)     Manage your stress, identify things or people that cause you stress, what can you control, what can’t you? What are some solutions?
8)     Don’t reach for your phone as you wake or before you go to sleep, allow yourself time away from the device and the artificial light.

Gratitude is the secret sauce to manifesting your career and life, in other words counting our blessings. And all of the good things that happen in our life on a daily basis.

A 2003 study by Emmons & McCullough found that keeping a daily gratitude journal leads to better sleep, reduction of pain, greater sense of well being and a better ability to handle change. Embracing gratitude and forgiveness helps creativity and success. Gratitude helps us to see the bright side of things, improves mental strength and improves general wellbeing and brain health. Studies show it reduces stress and depression. I love The Five Minute Journal, it has changed how I start and end my days. When I wake, it’s the first thing I pick up. I can dictate by using positive words and gratitude how I want my day to turn out. Anything from being grateful for my warm bed, seeing the sun, my amazing family and clients, no traffic. The list can be endless.

Journaling is like a magic pill, it creates positive patterns of thinking, it takes time and you can consider incorporating it as part of your self care routine. What are you grateful for today?

My guru Robin Sharma would always talk about journaling and I wasn’t really sold on the idea of writing, however, The Five Minute Journal is literally five minutes of your morning and nightly routine. You could even use blank paper or a notebook to journal.

And finally, who are you grateful for in your life journey? Who has helped you along your way? Given you a break or start in your career or business? Consider writing them a hand written letter of gratitude. It is a wonderful way of saying thank you! And will make you feel amazing! Good luck on your Self Care and Gratitude journey!

With love and gratitude for everyone who read this!

Claudine Periera