From Overwhelm to Abundance

The RoundTable discussion was well attended by our members (sold out) and the participants were engaged and involved with free flowing sharing of stories and thoughts on how they have so far maintained a positive mindset that will continue to  foster movement from Overwhelm to Abundance.

The current pandemic situation has made overwhelm a common word in our vocabulary. The anxiety and stress of having to deal with emotional and financial issues can take a toll on our mental ability to cope with anxiety and strain.  The prescription for survival in this situation is to have an Abundant Mindset.

Some of the coping mechanisms shared that were working for all participants were:

  1. Self care: Exercise, Daily Chores, Mediation, Yoga, Food and Nutrition.
  2. New learnings: Entering the virtual world and adapting new technologies.
  3. Exploring Nature:  taking advantage of the environment – Parks and walks.
  4. Playing catch up:  completing tasks that were always meant to be done and never got there.

Following are some strategies that were introduced to facilitate movement of your mindset from Overwhelm to Abundance:

  1. Name the emotion and then Tame it.  
    Identifying and naming the feeling/emotion that you are going through: anger, sadness, fear, confusion. Once you have identified the feeling/emotion you can de-escalate the intensity by making plans of how you will deal with it.
    In other words,
  2. Understanding the three A’s of coping with overwhelm:
    Awareness, Acceptance and Action.
  3. Understand the situation.
  4. Accept the change and the uncertainty.
  5. Take the necessary action to move forward.
  6. Overcoming fear by stepping out of your Comfort Zone to build Resilience.
  7. Creating New Rituals for self and family that are healthy.
  8. Keeping an Open Mind and enjoying the moment.
  9. Dealing with Grief by giving yourself permission to grieve daily for at least 15 minutes. 
    The Anticipatory Grief will remain with us for as long as the uncertainty exists.  You may grieve in several ways:
    1. Spending silent time
    2. Journaling and giving gratitude
    3. Meditation

In conclusion, I love what Laural Carr shared with us – “forward the C in Reactive and you get Creative”.

To learn more about Moving from Overwhelm to Abundance – a Mind set, keep your ear to the ground.