Entertain yourself and BRIDGE The Gap with RaRa

What are your Rituals? Wake up, Be Present. Meditate, Stretch our Body & Mind, Nourish, Navigate, Gasm, Self Regulate, Rest, Sleep & Dream.

In our daily routine, we manage our time and there are days we let the time run away with our intentions. I recommend that we be mindful of our aims and our goals so we can navigate with integrity and remain focused.

In my experience, once we take the time and give it a purpose it goes ...enjoy the moment you are in and be happy as you Entertain yourself. Click on the image below to watch part of RaRa's presentation from the February 10th, 2022 Breakfast Meeting.

Kathryn “RaRa”Asaro Mayers  


Executive, Send Out Cards (2009), Founder & CEO, THE BRIDGE (2010), Co-Founder, Gratitude Girls (2013)