Empower Yourself and Achieve Sustainable Results

A presentation delivered by Rose-marie Fernandez, a professional coach, facilitator, author, speaker and consultant. She says of herself “I love what I do and do what I love, and I facilitate Executives and their teams to do the same.”

Empower Yourself! A sound message for the New Year! When you feel empowered you empower and influence others with the same energy. Give yourself permission to create an empowered DNA that can exude powerful energy beyond yourself. An empowered mindset can, does and will achieve sustainable results. 2019 is your year to create an empowered you. Intend, Commit and Practice!

The following is a summary of the Action Principles shared in the presentation, that will create the foundation for building empowering thoughts and habits which will evolve into sustainable results for you.  These tried and tested principles come from my own learnings, readings and experience.


7.The Creator

Winning & losing are illusions   


6.The Visionary

Everybody always wins          


5.The Optimist

We both win


4.The Caregiver

You win      


3.The Rationalizer

I win           


2.The Fighter

You lose


1.The Victim

I lose



< > and Nutrition This overriding action principle to practice daily is advocated by many Gurus, and positive mind-set practitioners.Physical and Mental Health is what creates the positive chemicals in our mind that keeps our engines running at full throttle. Experts say that physical exercise has a higher priority than sleep and nutrition. An exercise regime twice or thrice a week, proper food and adequate sleep is the self care to achieve positive results. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

This is the time of the year when we do an evaluation of our achievements and set new expectations for ourselves. I hope that you will incorporate the above Action Principles or even only those that resonate with you the most into your daily lives.  I would really love to hear from you as to what has worked for you.

Wishing you a joyous 2019!