Emotional Stories Stand Out

It is said that the words you speak become the house you live in. So, what kind of house are you creating for yourself?
It’s not just about repetition. It’s about finding an emotionally charged connection to what you do. For example, some people might be called a “customer service expert” or a “social media manager” or maybe even a “PR professional.” Yet what if you heard “I keep you smiling when it’s tough to do” , instead of “I’m a photographer”.
Storytelling is so much more than words on a page; they are images that paint a picture in people’s minds and hearts. Storytelling with an emotional connection is the most powerful form of communication there is because it transcends time and space and makes you more referrable.
So how does this apply to your business? Imagine you are in a meeting with someone who says they are good at customer service. What does that mean to you? You might think, okay, so they can solve problems as they come up? If someone tells me their goal is to be a create memories that make people smile even when they might not want to, then I know they have dreams and aspirations—they want to create something. I’m more likely to ask “how do you do that”? The response might be I capture “happy” through a camera lens.
There is a backstory to the photographer and because I’ve invested time to get to know his story, I understand his passion and drive and it makes it much easier to refer him.
Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Your emotional connection will get people involved. What is your emotional connection to what you do and how are you telling your story?
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Happy Connecting – Cindy Mount
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