CyberSecure Canada: Certification Program

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) provides advice and guidance to protect Canadian information infrastructures and improve Canada’s cyber resiliency—this includes Canadian small and medium organizations. 

We were fortunate to have their partners, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, present a Lunch and Learn to our members, guests and our clients on April 28, 2022 on the topic of the CyberSecure Canada certification program.  Everyone in the virtual audience left the meeting and immediately implemented at least one of their suggestions.  (I changed my Router password – which wasn’t the factory setting, but, was simple to guess.)

Cyber Security is something that affects all of us on a daily basis.  There are some simple steps we should all take:

  1. Change your Router Password – so that it is NOT the Default one. While you’re at it – change all your passwords that are set to the default ones.
  2. Improve your cybersecurity knowledge – Check out these 13 learning modules  -
  3. Implement the 13  security controls through the use of these fillable templates -
  4. You can apply for certification by registering on the CyberSecure Canada portal. This certification program is less expensive than many of the others available.

Did you miss the webinar or have a group that can benefit from the presentation?  Contact me and I’ll put you in touch with CyberSecure Canada.

For more information and additional resources, Click here and see below.

Additional Resources

As we work toward a more competitive online marketplace, safety and security are paramount. Cyber attacks can have a direct impact on your organization and customers, which can result in financial losses and reputational damage The Canadian Government has created CyberSecure Canada, a voluntary certification program to help small and medium-sized organizations protect themselves against cyber threats.

The program is a way for small and medium-sized organizations to improve their cybersecurity knowledge through a free eLearning series and to voluntarily showcase their adherence to a baseline set of security protocols.   Visit to learn more about CyberSecure Canada program.

Here are some links to materials available via CyberSecure Canada:

Federal Programs:

With regards to the questions that were raised during the webinar, one participant asked about steps to take to protect their personal cellphone.

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