All the Best Laid Plans

“The best big idea is only going to be as good as its implementation.” ~ Jay Samit 

Setting goals and making plans at the beginning of a new year is always exciting and energizing.  However, as we get involved with managing our day-to-days of business and life, it doesn’t take long before our plans seem a distant recollection.

Last week I was reminded of the power that comes from group discussion with people you trust. Through our CAWEE Round Table Discussion Group we shared our goals, had an open discussion about what gets in the way of successful implementation and helped each other find solutions that can be easily implemented.

Although we have the best intentions, sometimes things just get in the way. It is important to make it as easy as possible to make achieving your goals as easy as possible.

Here are some of the strategies from our discussion to help support making your goals a reality in 2022.  

  1. Clearly articulate your goals including measurable results that you can track and then track them.
  2. Reward yourself for progress made toward your destination not only for successful completion. Keep yourself motivated.
  3. Limiting beliefs can take over and stop you in your tracks.Put your inner critic aside and call on your inner ally.
  4. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.Identify your fear and work through the “real story” – remember the times you thought you couldn’t do something, and you did it anyway.Allow yourself to leave fear behind and carry on.
  5. Make achieving your goal important. Do something toward your goal everyday before you open your email. Make yourself and your business a priority.
  6. Break your goals down to small chunks and decide on one non-negotiable step you can take in the next 30 days to take you closer to your destination.
  7. Remember you won’t always get it right – learn from your mistakes, put them aside and move on.
  8. Not everyone is going to work with you.Identify who is your Ideal Partner, Ideal Client, Ideal Referrer and focus on them put the others aside.
  9. Share your goals out loud with others you trust.Make yourself accountable.

All the best in all you do in 2022! 


Judi Hughes, Your Planning Partners, is passionate about helping business owners achieve the success they want for their business.  Developing strategic plans and providing support to implement those plans is at the core of all her work with her clients.