A 3D Approach to Money Mastery

A 3D Approach to Money Mastery

Do you know your numbers?  So many business owners fail to keep a good handle on the health of their business because they say they are not good with numbers.  The “not good with numbers” language typically comes into play when you don’t like what the numbers are saying.  It leads to the “ostrich pose” where you hide away from what you do not like and hope it resolves itself.  That does not happen.  With the health of your business tied so closely to your personal financial journey, how can you master your money?  I’d like to propose a 3D Approach.

The last time you had a choice of a 2D or 3D movie experience, which did you choose?  In cinematography, there are still films being produced in 2D.  This was the standard back in the day for movie goers and tv watchers and for many, this was just fine until 3D viewing came to the theatres and tv screens.  Most people, when given the choice, elect to experience that long awaited new release in 3D as opposed to the now humdrum 2D.

You see, the 3D experience gives the viewer such depth and is so immersive that it is hard to pass up.  3D brings the story to life in such a way that you become part of the story, you can almost touch the characters and jump right into the action.  In that aspect of the 3D experience, cinematography has left financial planning far behind.

For most of the population, money management has been uni-dimensional, numbers on a page – 1D.  Fairly simple formulas that promise to get the kids through school, pay off the mortgage and retire by 65. That has served many in the past and, in all fairness, will do okay for many today.  However, just as 3D movies have changed the movie goers experience, a 3D approach to Money Mastery has the power to revolutionize the experience of making, managing, and relating to your financial assets.

The first component of the 3D approach is Math.  This is foundational to the money mastery experience because your experience with money largely rests on having enough to do the things you want to do.  The measurement of enough is quantifiable by how much money you make in your business and its ability to purchase the things, experiences and lifestyle you want to create. 

If the elementary math needed to stay on top of your finances is a challenge, then look around you. Look at your computer, your phone, your rolodex of contacts.  Is there anything or anyone there to help you with the math component of money mastery? Absolutely!  There is an abundance of calculators, spreadsheets, spending and investing apps that can do this work for you, not to mention professionals who can help you keep a finger on the pulse of your business and personal finances. 

The second component of the 3D approach is Mindset.  This refers to a deliberate, impartial and judgement free examination to the thoughts and feelings that underpin your interactions with money.  What were the money lessons that you learned growing up? Who taught them, and did you hear them, see them, or glean them from the results they garnered? Whether deliberately or inadvertently you adopted beliefs about money that instruct your actions now.  Take the time to ask, “Are these beliefs serving you well?”

The mindset component requires you to acknowledge your truths and to see how they influence you.  Are these thoughts well founded and are they taking you where you want to go?  It further helps you to reset your mindset so that you do not have to turn yourself into something you are not. Instead, you can use what is wonderfully unique and beautiful about you and infuse that into your relationship with money.

These two components, Math and Mindset applied together have produced extraordinary results for many who have implemented them.  They live lives and operate businesses that create abundance and they are confidence knowing that they are well equipped in both math and mindset to handle any financial situation.

There is, however, one additional component that, just like the movies, will take you from an extraordinary 2D to a revolutionary 3D experience.  That third component is Purpose.

How does purpose relate to your business and further, to money mastery? Not everyone is willing to have that conversation, to explore that element of why you are here, what you’re here to achieve. Those who do, experience revolutionary results not just for themselves but for those they will touch on their journey. Aligning your money with your purpose creates a ripple effect both in the present and in the future because in that alignment you have to capacity to leave a legacy.

You see, while money has no moral value, it is a tool in your hands to be used to fund your life’s work.  Every gift, talent, skill and competency that you have is a building block in the manifestation and fulfillment of your purpose. Your financial resources should harmoniously fund and complement every role you play.  Your plenty should fund your purpose.  It is in this component that your financial journey gains boundless depth.  It is in your experience of Purposeful Plenty™ that you will find the energy to get up every morning and work your business, hustle to meet your goals, and deliver exceptional results for your clients time and time again.

It must be acknowledged that each component of the 3D approach is needed and neither can work without the other.  The stability of these financial building blocks rests on the consistent and intentional application of all the dimensions. 

Some believe that they can simply recite their abundance affirmations every day and that prosperity will come to them.  Sure, it will come, but without the tools to properly manage that abundance, it will leave just as quickly.  Alternately, others have the math calculated down to the last penny and are unable to explain why they keep repeating the same actions that negate the math altogether.

Experience extraordinary in 2D with math and mindset or dare to begin a revolution is 3D by implementing a math, mindset and purpose filter to your financial journey.  In your hands, and with your purpose, your raison d’etre, your business, your life can only be epic!

Hadriana Leo, CCS

Money Navigator at Crescendo Financial