6 Easy Money Steps You Can Do Over the Summer

If you struggle with money or find it hard to stay on track or on top of your finances, help is at hand! Here are six easy steps you can take over the summer to make yourself more comfortable with money. Take them one small step at a time and feel a sense of accomplishment. When you’ve done those, I have another six for you!

1. Write a letter to money. Think about your relationship with money and write how it makes you feel (happy, stressed, unworthy, etc.)

2. If you do not have an emergency savings account, open one up. Automatically transfer money to it every time you are paid (or monthly for the self-employed).

3. For one week, give yourself a cash allowance. Do not use a debit or credit card, just the cash.

4. For one week, don’t buy anything (yikes!) except for absolute necessities. Make your own fun!

5. If you’re an entrepreneur, set up a separate bank account for taxes. Every time you are paid, take 25% and put it in this account to pay taxes and CPP premiums.

6. Make sure you have a properly prepared will and powers of attorney.

For over 20 years as a financial advisor in Toronto, Francine has helped hundreds of families in the GTA. Clients appreciate her non-judgemental approach, as well as her patience and open mindedness. Currently, she specializes in working with women transitioning into retirement. She has been an advisor with Carte Financial Services Inc. and Carte Wealth Management Inc. since the summer of 2016 where independence allows her to provide the best service and products to her clients. Contact Francine through