4 ways that online courses easily fit into your business

Let me tell you my story...About four years ago, I looked around in my business and it wasn't the business that I set out to create.

Without realizing it, I had become an overworked 'yes girl' who was spending long hours in front of my laptop without the cash flow or profits to justify it. Looking around, I had traded in my nine to five with dreams of time freedom and making my own schedule only to replace it with longer hours, double the workload and triple the conversations with family and friends about why I was too busy to do things with them.

I was gaining traction in my business, but I was still missing out on activities with my kids; something that I had thought running my own business would make non-existent. How would I get away from the one-on-one work that I had become reliant on? But, if I didn't get away from the one-on-one work, would I ever get the time freedom I wanted so desperately?

I was at crossroads. I couldn't go on this way. I wouldn't. That's when I had my lightbulb moment.

I had to figure out a way to package what I was doing for my clients into some kind of digital product that I could sell...and that would run without me. As a former teacher with a knack for teaching, online courses were a natural fit. But that didn't make figuring out how to fit these courses I was going to make into my business any easier.

How was I going to make them work for me long-term and not have them be one more thing I had to figure out how to sell among everything else going on on my sales calendar? That was a head scratcher.

Watch this video where I break this down 4 ways that I came up with to solve this head scratcher on our YouTube channel. Click the image below.