Living a meaningful life - with or without kids.

Laurie Sanci, Laurie Sanci and Associates - Feb.22,2017

I'm a coach who works with women who wanted to be mothers, but it didn't work out. I help them deal with the grief of childlessness and craft a new dream. My practice emerges from my own journey learning to accept a life without kids. I'm part of the 1 in 5 women in North America and the UK now reaching their mid-40's without becoming mothers. At no other time in history have so many women remained childless toward the end of their fertility.

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Director's Cut: Director of Finance - February 2017

Laura G. Pacheco, Director of Finance - Feb.22,2017

As a member of CAWEE since 2012 and now Treasurer for this great not for profit organization that recently celebrated its 40th anniversary, I sometimes reflect back on how far we've come as an organization and what keeps me actively engaged. And when I think about that, it always makes me smile.

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Ten Things I Learned in My First Year as an Entrepreneur

Alisse Houweling, CEO, KAAV LIVING - Jan.19,2017

This month marks the end of my first year as an entrepreneur. It has been a busy and stimulating 12 months and I look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment. I started with an idea and eventually the business model took shape – KAAV LIVING was born. It’s a totally new concept for anyone who wants a thoughtfully designed urban home without the strain of a stressful renovation or rebuild process. I consult on reno/rebuild projects, to the potential extent of managing the entire teardown and rebuild process of a KAAV LIVING model.

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2017 Holiday Party Wrap-up

Susan Yellin - Jan.19,2017

What more perfect venue could there be in Toronto for an end-of-the-year holiday party than in the midst of the quaint Distillery District’s Christmas Market.

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Contract Tips and Good Practices

Diane L. Karnay, Wilson Vukelich LLP - Dec.20,2016

Sometimes contracts are entered into without knowing, considering or controlling their effects. Particularly to meet your business requirements, and also to keep litigation counsel at bay, it is necessary to ensure that all your contracts are solid, clear and enforceable agreements.

A contract is a meeting of the minds, and may be expressed and entered into in different ways – such as in writing, verbally, by e-mail, by the fulfilment of orders, etc. The technical components of a valid contract are: (i) offer, (ii) acceptance, and (iii) consideration. In addition, to ensure a contract is enforceable, reasonable steps must be taken to bring the terms of an agreement to each party’s attention, and each party must have had a reasonable opportunity to understand the terms

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The value of using a travel professional

Maria da Cunha - Owner, daCunha Voyages - Dec.20,2016

Using the internet to book your travel arrangements is certainly one way of booking all your travel arrangements but have you ever considered the risks associated with the internet and the added value of using a Travel Professional?

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