Broaching the Subject of Change

Laurie Bell, Moving Seniors With a Smile - Dec.19,2017

Getting together with family over the Holidays can be wonderful and at the same time it can be challenging. . . .  Sometimes one or more adult children won’t have seen Mom or Dad for a few months and one or more parents’ health, mobility and cognitive decline can feel like a huge elephant in the room. 

Broaching the subject of what comes next can be scary for everyone involved.  Talking to our parents about aging and their evolving needs isn’t one of those conversations that you want to initiate in between: Please pass the broccoli casserole? and What a delicious dessert!

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Get inspired! Social Media Marketing Tips for Business to Business

Karen Blumel, Karen Blumel Consulting Inc. - Nov.15,2017

Social Media Marketing!

It’s a great way to educate, entertain and connect to business-to-business target audiences. Start engaging your clients and prospects on social media channels to help you create brand awareness and establish you and your business as a subject matter expert on your “WHY”.

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A 3D Approach to Money Mastery

Hadriana Leo, CCS Money Navigator at Crescendo Financial - Nov.15,2017

Do you know your numbers?  So many business owners fail to keep a good handle on the health of their business because they say they are not good with numbers. With the health of your business tied so closely to your personal financial journey, how can you master your money?  I’d like to propose a 3D Approach.

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Tina Tehranchian, MA, CFP®, CLU®, CHFC® Assante Capital Management Ltd. - Oct.18,2017

As human beings we all have a deep desire to leave a life print or legacy. For some of us it means raising responsible children who make us proud and contribute to society and for some of us it means supporting the people, causes and organizations that we deeply care about, with a bequest in our will.

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The Business Lessons I Learned at TIFF 2017

Heather Freed, CFP®, CLU, CHS - Oct.18,2017

This year, it seemed that the common theme in the movies that I saw was “change” – both actual physical change as well as social change.

In business, change is a constant.  In my business, there are many external changes that I need to be aware of...

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HoHoTo Digital Party and Volunteer Opportunities

Lee Dale, CEO - Sep.21,2017

This December 8 marks the date of the 10th annual HoHoTO holiday party, Toronto’s digital community celebration event of the year. This annual event is a chance to give back and help shape the future of the professional community. With over $400,000 raised for local charities, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years, and excited about what lies ahead as we look to shape inclusivity and drive positive, rewarding change across the digital community.

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Proposed Small Business Tax Changes

Heather Freed, CFP, CLU, CHS and Diane Karnay, Counsel at Wilson Vukelich LLP - Sep.20,2017

People have been asking, "What can you tell me about the proposed federal tax changes announced on July 19, 2017 and their effect on small business?"

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Leadership Lessons from the Herd

Tracey Evans, Dreamwinds Equine Assisted Learning Centre - Sep.20,2017

Leadership. We often think of it in terms of political leaders, team leaders or people who hold a title.  The reality is, leadership is an important attribute in all of us. There are times in life when we need to follow and times in life we need to step up and lead. Maybe it’s leading your family through crisis or just taking the helm of your own life to guide yourself toward your dreams. Leadership skills are something we all need to develop and foster.

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