Super Powers?

Diane Crawford, The Voyage Inc. - Feb.26,2019

Do you know your real strengths?  How did you find them?  Did someone tell you? Did you take a test? Did it come up in a performance review at work?  It is interesting how many people can tell you their IQ or their blood pressure, blood type or their bank balance but have no idea of their strengths.  Understanding these personal super powers is a key step in becoming the finest version of you.

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Registered Retirement Savings Plans: A History

Ann Patterson, CPA CGA - Feb.25,2019

When the Registered Retirement Annuity commenced (in 1957), the annual contribution limit was ten percent of income, with a maximum of $2,500.  In 2019, the eligible contribution limit is eighteen percent of 2018 earned income, with a maximum of $26,500.  How times have changed!  To put figures into perspective, in 1957 gasoline cost thirty-one cents a gallon, milk cost a dollar a gallon and many homes cost less than $20,000.

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Live with Purpose in 2019

Corey McCusker, Mental Performance Coach - Jan.25,2019

Don’t Miss the Boat in 2019 - Eliminate these 3 Success Breakers!

What do you want to achieve or master this year?
What goals or intentions do you have?
Do they fire you up or scare you to death?
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Making it happen in 2019

Dana Mitchell, Basis Wealth - Jan.25,2019

Many people start off a new year with goals. For some they may be personal or professional. Others may be financial goals. Did you know that a Financial Planner can help you to achieve all these goals? Setting up a financial plan is never just about the numbers, but rather a plan that encompasses you as a whole person.

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Using Video To Increase Web Presence

Donna Clarke, DC VideoCreations - Oct.23,2018

Did you know that 74% of online traffic is video? 74%!! By 2019 it will be 80%. It is no longer a “should have” but “must have” in business.

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Organising for Year-End

Antonella Mega, Bookkeeper - Oct.23,2018

As year-end approaches we make many plans for the New Year and inevitably we are reminded of the changes we want to make to our lives.

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