Raw Honey: For Healthy, Hydrated Skin

Mei-Lana Chow, RHN, - Dec.21,2018

Honey is one of the natural world’s health-producing wonders.

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Using Video To Increase Web Presence

Donna Clarke, DC VideoCreations - Oct.23,2018

Did you know that 74% of online traffic is video? 74%!! By 2019 it will be 80%. It is no longer a “should have” but “must have” in business.

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Organising for Year-End

Antonella Mega, Bookkeeper - Oct.23,2018

As year-end approaches we make many plans for the New Year and inevitably we are reminded of the changes we want to make to our lives.

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Promoting Healthy Relationships: Starting with the One We have with Our Cell Phones: Are you a *Phubber*?

Amy Greenleaf Brassert MSW RSW - Sep.26,2018

Everyday, we are all faced with choices about how we interact with other people and the world around us. I’ve always been curious about how people engage with each other. For as long as I can remember I’ve been an observer of relationships. And, more recently, I’ve often wondered about the impact of technology on our relationships with each other.

I would imagine that we’ve all noticed that cell phone use impacts how we connect (or don’t) with each other. And, for this article (and breakfast presentation), I thought it would be interesting to explore a recently identified and named (2012) behaviour called  *Phubbing*.

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Guide to Senior Home Care

- Sep.26,2018

In 2016, 16.4% (3 million) of Ontario’s population was 65 years and older. By 2041, it is projected that 25% (4.6 million) of Ontario’s population will be 65 years and older. This period in Canada’s history has been described as a health care crisis.  We know that people are  living longer than ever so there is a huge demand for senior care.

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