Guide to Senior Home Care

- Sep.26,2018

In 2016, 16.4% (3 million) of Ontario’s population was 65 years and older. By 2041, it is projected that 25% (4.6 million) of Ontario’s population will be 65 years and older. This period in Canada’s history has been described as a health care crisis.  We know that people are  living longer than ever so there is a huge demand for senior care.

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Youth Employment Services YES

Shari Raghoo, YES Coordinator - Jul.26,2018

The goal of the YES Mentorship Program is to connect YES clients to Industry Leaders (expert mentors) in order to build capacity, employability, networks and foster entrepreneurship in young people through establishing supportive, caring and trusting relationships with mentors.

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Does having a first meeting with a divorce lawyer mean that your marriage is over ?

Anne Freed, Family Law Lawyers, Mediation and Collaborative Law - Jun.25,2018

“Does having a first meeting with a divorce lawyer mean that your marriage is over ?” 

The client – Joan – has delayed coming in to see the divorce lawyer – Liz Smith for – for precisely this reason. Joan is not ready yet to end the marriage. Also, Joan thinks she will have to retain Liz for the whole case if she decides to proceed. Both assumptions are incorrect, for the following reasons...

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A Word From 2018 Schulich School of Business Scholarship Winner

Tracy Ann Haynes - Schulich School of Business - York University - Jun.21,2018

As the recipient of the CAWEE Scholarship, I have been asked to contribute to this addition of Connected.  The request was principally to identify what I will use the award for.  It seemed such a simple question at first.  Yet, the drafting of this article has, in fact, become quite challenging.

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