Grow Yourself to Grow your Business! The Art of Gratitude & Self Care

Claudine Periera, The Pink Coach - Feb.28,2020

The dog died, the basement flooded, husband left and my daughter was bed ridden with severe anxiety. So, what do you do? With the help of a coach, my focus turned to the art of self care and gratitude and so my journey began.

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It’s 2020 - Lighten-up!

Karen Shinn, Downsizing Diva - Jan.29,2020

Are you busy balancing your career, relationships, teenagers and aging parents?
Now is the time to put on the brakes and take time to relax, recharge and have FUN! Lighten-up… before you burn out!

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Mining for Diamonds

Judi Hughes, Your Planning Partners Inc. - Jan.29,2020

You can’t wait for a miracle to take your business to the next level. Find your diamonds!

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Growing your Wealth

Jennifer Dewling, Principal of Genova Private Management - Dec.23,2019

In today’s financial media, sometimes wealth management and investing are made to seem overly complicated. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Civil Forfeiture - How Your Government Can Take Your Property

Joanne Prince, Prince Law Office - Dec.23,2019

Post 9-11, countries were urged to adopt more stringent criminal and civil laws targeting money-laundering and the proceeds of crime...  Land, personal property or money can be seized by the Attorney General that is believed connected to illegal activity once they provide notice to the owner that they are seeking forfeiture.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Planning for 2020

Judi Hughes, Your Planning Partners Inc. - Nov.21,2019

As we draw closer to the end of one calendar year and the beginning of another; it’s time to consider the possibilities for the year ahead. It’s time to start your planning process for 2020 and kick-off the new year with great gusto.

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Tips for Managing Time and Productivity

Karen Mrkonjic, ProTem Executive Assistance - Nov.21,2019

Your time is valuable. It’s the one thing that we regularly give away that we can never get back. We can always make more money, but today will never come around again so stop reacting to demands on your time and start proactively planning your week.

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Lessons About Change from Monarch Butterflies

Wendy Vineyard, Vibrant Health and Energy Coaching - Nov.21,2019
Would you like to know how to make change easier?
Most people find it a big challenge, or at least uncomfortable, to go through life passages – birth, puberty, marriage, having children, divorce, menopause, building a business and death – our own or the people we love!
In our discomfort, we may try to speed up, delay or resist these profound changes.
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To TIFF or Not to TIFF

Heather Freed, - Oct.27,2019

In life and in business, being aware that the person that you are talking to has a different idea or perspective from you, often changes your conversation.

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By Lois Volk, Mortgage Broker - Oct.27,2019

...I’d take a look at other job opportunities but couldn’t handle the thought of working for someone else and committing myself to ‘nine-to-five’. I’d put many years into developing my referrals sources and client base and many of them had become friends.

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