Wellness Strategies for Small Businesses

Rani Glick, Rani Glick Wellness - Dec.17,2020

Majority of people spend 90% of their time indoors. 4 out of 5 employees believe their employers are responsible for supporting their employees' physical and psychological health. 70% of health claim costs are due to mental illness or stress related issues.

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Creating a Philanthropic Culture in Your Small Business

Judi Hughes, Your Planning Partners - Nov.27,2020

According to a study conducted by, 76% of business owners believe they have a moral obligation to give back to their communities. The report also found that businesses earning $500,000 or less donate (cash, in-kind and employee time) approximately $22,800 a year to charitable causes.  Incredibly, that averages to almost 5 percent of their annual revenue.

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Reflections on 2020

Heather Freed, CFP®, CLU, CHS, - Nov.27,2020

We are all struggling with what some are referring to as the “new normal”.  Life is not the same as it was before March 2020 and it will never return to that state.  So we are all adjusting – in both our personal and business lives.  As a friend recently said to me, it’s important to maintain a LIFE / work balance.

There are some great advantages to Zoom – no travel time, you can get together cost effectively from anywhere that has an internet connection and we’re learning to be more effective communicators…..  But Zoom is NOT the same as in person meetings.

I’ve been thinking about the changes I need to continue to make in my business practices and here are some thoughts that I think are relevant to others as well, based on some talks I’ve attended recently.

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Why is Telecom Cost Management Important?

Anne Falomo, CPA, CMA Strategic-Partner | Schooley Mitchell - Oct.22,2020

October Breakfast Speaker
There are two key elements in sourcing telecommunication services: the technology itself and the providers.

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I Am Home

Colleen Rooney, ACPC, ICF-PCC - Oct.21,2020

This all started with the Vision and Purpose work I do.  I needed to do my own deeper dive of self-discovery.  Are you willing to be brave enough to do your deeper dive?

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Tina Tehranchian, MA, CFP®, CLU®, CHFC®, Assante Capital Management Ltd. - Oct.21,2020

The last quarter of the year is when most of us try to make sure we have made our charitable donations before the December 31st deadline to be able to qualify for a charitable donation tax credit in 2020.

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