Build Your Resilience Through Vision and Purpose

Arlene Hearn, Envision & Evolve - Nov.21,2021

We are all resilient beings having come through many challenges in our lives – career, family, illness, death and most recently a pandemic! The information I shared in last month’s presentation centered around the difference between ‘resilience during a stressful situation’ and ‘building next-level resilience needed to raise the bar’.

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Rose-marie Fernandez, Professional Certified Coach, - Oct.25,2021

Lessons learned from simple laws of nature are that in order to achieve what we desire most in our lives we need to adhere to a consistent process.

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Fireside Chat - Hot Insurance Topics

Heather Freed, CFP®, CLU, CHS - Sep.27,2021

At the September 9, 2021 breakfast Heather Freed gave a short presentation on:

  • Tips you need to know before you start to travel again
  • Protection of your most valuable asset – your ability to earn a living as a solopreneur or business owner
  • Who / when to ask for a second opinion

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Tina Tehranchian, MA, CFP®, CLU®, CHFC®, MFA-PTM (Philanthropy) - Jul.21,2021

While the 2021 Federal Budget did not include any changes to personal or corporate tax rates, it did include some notable measures that could affect seniors, high-income earners, and small business owners.

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Schulich School of Business 2021 Scholarship

Anne Caulfield, Financial Aid Officer at the Schulich School of Business - Jun.28,2021

Entrepreneurship is a great thing not only from a financial point of view but it gives people hope. Thanks to organizations like CAWEE and your constant support of our students continues to help give support to students like Ifunanya Kammelu.

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Here’s How I Salvaged Freedom from Struggle

Susan Patterson, Health and Wellness - May.25,2021

For many of us, our health and well-being would be in our top three key values in life. We are too limited in life without physical and emotional energy. And it would sure be nice to have an extra 10 healthy years!

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5 Questions to Ask to Simplify Your Day and Get More Done

Jayne Huhtanen, FocalPoint Coaching of Toronto - May.25,2021

Other than money, the one thing no entrepreneur or professional has enough of is TIME. When faced with a long To Do list, ask yourself these questions to decide what to do. The more you take off your plate, the simpler your life becomes. And be honest.

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